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<nettime-ann> [dvd] Tom Sherman's recent video
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<nettime-ann> [dvd] Tom Sherman's recent video

The following recent video works by Tom Sherman are available for
purchase or preview via Vtape, 401 Richmond Street West, Suite 452,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5V 3A8.  Tel) 416.351.1317  Fax) 416.351.1509
E-mail) distribution {AT} vtape.org

For further information contact Vtape, or the artist at:
twsherma {AT} syr.edu


Tom Sherman, LANDMARK PROM, 2003, 8 minutes

I went to my daughter's high school prom in Syracuse, New York. I took
camcorder to document the proceedings. The African American kids were
doing this elaborate red carpet affair, and their families and relatives
were going crazy. These kids were dressed to kill. Hundreds of pictures
were taken, and hours of video were recorded. The 21st century prom is a
media spectacle extraordinaire, with stretch limos, top hats and canes.
But for the girls, it's still all about the dress.


Tom Sherman, THE OFF-KILTER SERIES (Merger, 23/7, Addressable Memory,
Appearance of Voice, Talking to Nature), running time: 24 minutes.

These video recordings remind us of how far the world has tumbled out of

Our relationship with nature is screwed up, big time. Our excessive use
languages and technologies continues to drive a wedge between us and the
wild animals and plants. The animals are doing crazy things (1). We've
made them act this way. As the world has been teased and pulled apart,
it's now our responsibility to make things whole again. We face test
test, where the big picture is scrambled beyond recognition, and then
we're asked to connect the dots, to fill in the blanks (2). If we turn
the media for answers, we find the people in highest places are lying
through their teeth (3). Young men are dying for all the wrong reasons.
Nature doesn't shed a tear, nor does it offer any solutions. The seasons
bring their share of grief. The weather refuses to cooperate. A massive
low pressure area is always cause for concern, especially when our loved
ones are dropping like flies. The appearance of nature's voice offers
little comfort (4). A young raven is perpetually hungry, and says it's
We too are anxious to make contact. We look to nature for companionship.
We try to talk to nature in nature's own language, to form new
relationships with the animals and the plants and the earth between our
toes. We take a wildflower for a walk across the road. We've tried all
kinds of crazy things, but so far, nature hasn't talked back (5).

1. Merger (a pheasant who likes to run with automobiles), 2'23", 2003.

2. 23/7 (23 shots in seven minutes--the audience is responsible for
continuity), 7', 2003.

3. Addressable Memory (Bush, in Cincinnati, lies to set up the
invasion of Iraq--his speech is projected onto the landscape in Queens
County, Nova Scotia), 6'20", 2004.

4. The Appearance of Voice (a raven gives voice to a depressed man),
4'57", 2004.

5. Talking to Nature (playing with a wildflower in hope of making
contact with nature), 2'48", 2002.


Tom Sherman, THE OCTOBER TAPES (Before Letting Go, Declarations, Free
Fall), 2004, running time: 18 minutes

Tom Sherman's October Tapes (2004) were born in a period of religious
extremisms, when violence and death were wholesale, and doctrines of
deceit were being heaped on the masses of all continents. Sherman simply
couldn't take it anymore. He sought shelter in the most beautiful things
he could find (nature is so superficial when it has to be). In the end
relief was only temporary. He was pissed and he declared as much. There
real hostility in these declarations. The bottom line is we have only
kick at the can (after we die there is no heaven or hell or anywhere
else). Sherman doesn't believe in gods or spirits or ghosts. Sherman
admit to finding joy in the sensuous physicality of small-town wrestling
matches and carnival midways, and in the uncompromised, high-pitched
innocence of high school rock bands just before they fold.

The October Tapes are quite a ride. These tapes are painfully funny,
extremely angry, and intoxicating in their spins through a strangely
beautiful la
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