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<nettime-ann> [call] (A) r4wB!t5 micro.Fest call: r4W.D!0 P|_4y b4(|< b0
//jonCates on Sun, 7 Aug 2005 18:11:22 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> [call] (A) r4wB!t5 micro.Fest call: r4W.D!0 P|_4y b4(|< b00/\/\ b0X0r

//------------r4W.D!0 P|_4y b4(|< b00/\/\ b0X0r-------------\\


\\------------r4W.D!0 P|_4y b4(|< b00/\/\ b0X0r-------------//

(A) r4wB!t5 micro.Fest presents
r4W.D!0 P|_4y b4(|< b00/\/\ b0X0r
 {AT}  AlterSpace iin CHI IL .US
DEADLINE =3D=3D 2005.08.25

The r4W.D!0 P|_4y b4(|< b00/\/\ b0X0r serves sliced, diced, chopped,=20
chunked + mashed up r4WB!t5 of [music/radio/culture] pressure cooked

digitally freeze dried to hard disk. =A9opied, appropriated, reused +=20
remixed audio files will be streamed through the gallery space via ye=20
olde skool boomboxes. submit digital audio projects for play back on=20
boom box systems as an aspect of the 2005.08.27 (A) r4wB!t5

to be held in CHI IL .US  {AT}  AlterSpace. (A) r4WB!t5 organizers seek=20
digital audio projects conceived of as albums or especially

for the context of radio broadcast to multiple boom boxes.

submit URI's aka web addresses of projects to:

r4wb1t5 AT gmail.com

by 2005.08.25 in order to be considered for inclusion.

\\------------r4W.D!0 P|_4y b4(|< b00/\/\ b0X0r-------------//

(A) r4WB1t5 micro festival is a new platform or framework for=20
(A)narchistic forms of decentralized mini or micro festivals to=20
self-organize around themes + theorypractices of raw bits of digital=20
art + dirty new media. (A) r4WB!t5 micro.fest is an open +=20
decentralized platform for playing realtime systems in conversational=20


//------------r4W.D!0 P|_4y b4(|< b00/\/\ b0X0r-------------\\

AlterSpace is n alternative gallery/workshop/critique space hosted in

Logan Square (Chicago) apartment. AlterSpace aims to provide a venue=20
for emerging artists to share their work and ideas in a supportive=20
environment that exists outside of the commercial sphere:


\\------------r4W.D!0 P|_4y b4(|< b00/\/\ b0X0r-------------//=

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