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Luca Curci on Thu, 11 Aug 2005 21:29:42 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> [event] [Barcelona] [International ArtExpo] bac!05 - barcelona

Untitled Document   bac!05 - international festival of contemporary art in
barcelona sixth edition - from november 8th to december 11th 2005

      International ArtExpo and Luca Curci, coordinated by Karenina
i, in partnership with Gigi R. Harrington (director of La Santa),
presents =
Art and Violence, a selection of 12 videoartists on the theme of
violence. =
For more info about artists click here

      Art and Violence. Contemporary art has become more and more engaged
ith the representation of violence. Artists have been using violence in
ir art for a very long time. Today they look at how violence in visual
ure has affected our society and our views on violence. Many artists draw
n personal experience to create their artwork and have experienced
 personally. Other artists are inspired by images of historical acts of
lence, others chose to address contemporary issues of violence such as
stic abuse, rape, homophobic acts, genocide, racial hatred, war crimes
and =
sanctioned executions. Sometimes we see artists making art about
difficult =
subjects as an act of defiance. It can allow artists to have a voice and
t be silenced or ignored. Art can bring out things that we may suppress
or =
try to hide deep down in our unconscious. Art can give us a way to help
us =
confront our personal demons and can actually help us to heal from
 experiences of violence. Is violence in art an action, reaction, or
tion? Luca Curci=20
      CCCB Centre de Cultura Contempor=E0nia de Barcelona - La Santa
tos Culturales, Barcelona

      agnese purgatorio . italy | geert wachtelaer . belgium | giacomo
ri . italy | luca curci . italy | luca curci & fabiana roscioli . italy |
illes delalex & thomas wessel-cessieux . france | heidi vogels .
s | jason jagello . france | karenina fabrizzi . italy/argentina |
michael =
mastrototaro . austria | robert boyd . usa | sarina khan reddy . usa

      Thanks for your time,
      Luca Curci - art director
      phone. +39.338.7574098
      e-mail. lucacurci {AT} lucacurci.com
      web. www.lucacurci.com/artexpo=20

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