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Doug Henwood on Sat, 27 Aug 2005 15:10:30 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> [site] new radio product

*  N O W   P O D C A S T I N G                                         *
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*    <http://shout.lbo-talk.org/lbo/RadioArchive/2005/dircaster.php>   *
*  subscribe to low-fi version (16kbps):                               *
*    <http://shout.lbo-talk.org/lbo/RadioArchive/2005/dircaster16.php> *
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Just added to my radio archive

August 18, 2005 Barbara Ehrenreich on the state of organized labor * 
Iain Boal, one of the posse known as Retort that wrote Afflicted 
Powers: Capital & Spectacle in a New Age of War, on Iraq, 9/11, and 
the imperial conjuncture

August 11, 2005 David Roediger, author of the classic Wages of 
Whiteness discusses his latest, Working Towards Whiteness, the story 
of the whitening of "new immigrants" of the late 19th and early 20th 

they join

August 4, 2005 Periel Aschenbrand, proprietor of BodyAsBillboard.com 
and author of The Only Bush I Trust Is My Own, on fashion, 
advertising, sex * Michael Yates, author of Why Unions Matter and 
associate editor of Monthly Review, on MR, MR's new webzine, and his 
post-retirement travels across the USA

July 28 2005 Chip Berlet of Politlcal Research Associates on 9/11 
conspiracy theories, and conspiracism in general.

July 14, 2005 Gary Indiana, author of Schwarzenegger Syndrome, on the 
strangeness that is Arnie * Susan Willis, author of Portents of the 
Real, on the cultural politics of post-9/11 America

July 7, 2005 Laura Carlsen of IRC (and frequent Counterpunch 
contributor) on the Zapatista's new tack * Bill Fletcher of 
TransAfrica on Bush and aid and Africa in the world (and a bit about 
the AFL-CIO)

June 30, 2005 Devah Pager, a sociologist at Princeton, reports on 
experiments showing a white ex-con has an easier time in the job 
market than a black who's never done time * Jonathan Tasini, keeper 
of the Working Life blog, on the possible split in the AFL-CIO


Michael Eric Dyson on black class tensions * Chalmers Johnson on the 
U.S. empire * Jagdish Bhatwati on globalization * Bill Fletcher on 
war and peace * Slavoj Zizek on war, imperialism, and fantasy * Naomi 
Klein on Argentina and the global justice movement * Susie Bright on 
sex and politics * Matt Taibbi on covering the 2004 campaign, and the 
dismal state of American politics and media * Anatol Lieven on Iraq, 
Chechnya, US nationalism * Cynthia Enloe on masculinity in the Bush 
administration (and oil) * Joel Kovel, editor of Capitalism Nature 
Socialism, on the psychology and politics of Israel and Zionism * 
Carlos Mejia, deserter from Iraq, on war, imperialism, dissent * 
Laura Flanders on Bushwomen * Steve Fraser on the cultural/political 
history of Wall Street * Jennifer Washburn on the
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