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<nettime-ann> [call] Call for Papers & Call for Art Works - THIRD ITERAT
Denis Masseni on Wed, 31 Aug 2005 14:36:25 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> [call] Call for Papers & Call for Art Works - THIRD ITERATION CONFERENCE

third international conference on generative systems in the electronic
November 30th to December 2nd, 2005 : Melbourne, Australia

THIRD ITERATION is the third international conference on generative
systems in the electronic arts. It investigates three major themes 
human-computer creativity, generative meaning systems, and the
computational sublime. Following on from First Iteration (1999) and
Second Iteration (2001), this year=92s conference will be held in
Melbourne, Australia.

The call for papers and artworks is now open. We are seeking the
submission of papers, technical & artist talks, software art, animation,
audio and installation works that address the three conference themes:

The relationship of the creative process to generative systems is
fundamentally different than that of other modes of design and
production. Rather than being engaged with the construction of an
artefact, the designer specifies the rules of production for a system
that constructs artefacts. What types of generative systems are suited
to the new methodologies of generative design and creative evolution?
How are artists and designers collaborating with these systems to
produce creative human-machine hybrids? Can the computer play a more
significant role in the creative process through new developments such
as =91creative emergence=92? Are new network technologies or hardware
systems enabling alternative experiences of generative art?

Generative systems may be coupled with ontological and semiotic models
for the expression of what may be described as =91generative meaning=

systems=92. Can generative systems be used to evolve language via
that interprets the meaning of their output? In what ways have
generative systems been applied to semiotic and cognitive spaces - such
as in the world of digital games? How are generative systems being used
to model the growth of language, social and cultural networks? What role
does audience interaction and cognitive process play in generating me=

The output of generative systems is characterised by scale, complexity
and behaviour that transcend the limits of human perception that can be
described as the computational sublime. This idea suggests processes
that we cannot comprehend directly, yet can experience through
computational machines. How is the theory of the computational sublime
placed in relation to other theories of the sublime in nature and art?
Although a fundamental understanding of emergence itself remains
elusive, it is a defining characteristic of the nature of generative
systems. What is the relationship of emergence to the computational

For further information please visit the conference web site at
http://www.csse.monash.edu.au/~iterate/TI/ or contact us via email at
iterate {AT} csse.monash.edu.au

The principal sponsor of THIRD ITERATION is the Centre for Electronic
Media Art, Monash University. CEMA is an interdisciplinary research and
production centre, established to explore critical and technical
possibilities for electronic media art.

THIRD ITERATION is produced with the assistance of the Film Victoria=
Digital Media Fund - the Digital Media Fund is funded by Multimedia=
Victoria as an ICT industry development initiative aimed at bringing=
together technology, creativity and talent for the benefit of all=

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