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<nettime-ann> [pub] Culture Machine series/Virilio new book
gary hall on Fri, 2 Sep 2005 22:48:32 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> [pub] Culture Machine series/Virilio new book


Just to let you know about the launch of a new book series associated
with the Culture Machine journal


Best, Gary



Series Editor: Gary Hall

Commissioning Editors:
Dave Boothroyd, Chris Hables Gray, Simon Morgan Wortham, Joanna Zylinska

International Consultant Editors:
Simon Critchley, Lawrence Grossberg, Donna Haraway, Peggy Kamuf, Brian
Massumi, Meaghan Morris, Paul Patton, Paul Rabinow, Kevin Robins, Avital

The position of cultural theory has radically shifted. What was once the

engine of change across the Humanities and Social Sciences is now faced
with a new 'post-theoretical' mood, a return to empiricism and to a more

transparent politics. So what is the future for cultural theory?
Addressing this question through the presentation of innovative,
provocative, cutting-edge work, the Culture Machine series both
repositions cultural theory and reaffirms its continuing intellectual
and political importance.


The first publication in the CULTURE MACHINE SERIES is:

Paul Virilio
Translated by Julie Rose

August 2005   /   160pp   /   HB: £16.99   /   ISBN:1 84520 224 4

City of Panic takes the reader on a journey across the airy boulevards
of Paris and into the crypt of its Metro. For Virilio, whose sense of
cities was formed by earlier wars, Paris is both  the City of Light and
the City of Panic.

Written in the shadow of war, City of Panic argues that cities
everywhere have been the dedicated target of political and technological

terror throughout the 20th Century. The wanton erasure of the past, the
construction of identikit places, the proliferation of
gated-communities, the ever-widening net of surveillance, the
privatisation of what was public...Now every metropolis is a war zone
and every metropolis is the same.

In this globalised and militarised everywhere, all citizens are becoming

one citizen - saturated, standardised and synchronised - ever more
reliant on a media fabricating a world of fear. For the panic of the
21st century is simply the final phase of the pincer movement.
Place-less, media-fed, panic-struck - welcome to the desert of the real.

Paul Virilio is one of our foremost cultural critics. Architect and
urban planner and former director of the Ecole Speciale d'Architecture
in Paris, he has written widely on film, architecture, war and
Julie Rose is a freelance translator and winner of the PEN Medallion for


1. Tabula Rasa
2. Democracy of Emotion
3. Kriegstrasse
4. An Accident in Time
5. Panicsville
6. The Twilight of Places


Forthcoming books in the CULTURE MACHINE SERIES include

Art, Time & Technology by Charlie Gere
Knowledge Goes Pop: From Conspiracy Theory to Celebrity Gossip by Clare
Anti-Capitalism: Cultural Theory and Popular Politics by Jeremy Gilbert

Dr Gary Hall
Senior Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies, Middlesex University
Co-editor of Culture Machine http://www.culturemachine.net
My website http://www.garyhall.info
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