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<nettime-ann> [pub] coming up: interzone by darren toffs [u]

By Darren Tofts

Media arts have become the most public and accessible form of inquiry
into the interface between society, culture and technology. The impact of
digital technologies has been profound and new disciplines of inquiry have
emerged over the last twenty years in response to the overall
computerisation of society. Media artists are at the forefront of this
inquiry in both their use of new media and their aesthetic exploration of
its effects.

interzonepresents the first comprehensive overview of the development of
media arts culture in Australia. It critically discusses the work of
established and emerging media artists and the contexts out of which
their work has developed.

interzoneexplores, through the work of more than 70 artists, the
emergence of key concepts such as interactivity, interface and immersion.
It is wide-ranging in its attention to aesthetic forms that have developed
in relation to computer-based media, such as net art, virtual reality
environments, digital video, multimedia installation and interactive

interzone will be published in November by Thames & Hudson Australia.

Pre-order your copy now at $39.95 incl. postage & packing 144 pages, full
colour illustrations 240 mm x 240 mm
Published by Craftsman House. Distributed by Thames & Hudson Australia

To pre-order your copy,please contact Michelle Brasington at Thames &
Hudson Australia T 03 9646 7788 Em.brasington {AT} thaust.com.au A 03 9646

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