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<nettime-ann> [call] chico.art.net: call for participation
Nanette Wylde on Mon, 5 Sep 2005 23:51:25 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> [call] chico.art.net: call for participation

chico.art.net: call for participation

The Electronic Arts Program at California State University Chico will 
hold its annual virtual exhibition of net.art in December 2005.

We are looking for recent, interesting and excellent time-based and 
interactive art projects created for the Internet arena.

Interactive, non-static, engaging, provocative & stimulating net.art 
projects made 2004 or later. Open theme.

No commercial, design, portfolio or traditional media sites please.

Submission Deadline: September 25, 2005
Email project URL, brief description/statement, creators to: 
chicoartnet2 {AT} yahoo.com

Selected projects will be expected to maintain their accessibility & 
location through May 2006.

Launch date: December 1, 2005

chico.art.net 2004 featured works by Lionello Borean + Chiara 
Grandesso, Katie Bush, David Crawford, Carla Diana, Robert J. 
Krawczyk, Geoffrey Thomas, and Jody Zellen.

Produced by The Electronic Arts Program, California State University 
Chico Department of Art & Art History

Apologies for any cross postings.

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