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Dan Leopard on Tue, 6 Sep 2005 19:08:52 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> [call] Spectator 26.2 CFP

Call for Papers (Please circulate widely)

Ephemeral Cinema, Invisible Media: Sound and Image at the Edge of
Spectator, Volume 26, No. 2 (Spring 2006)

This issue of Spectator will explore media that hover at the
intersection of the fleeting and the disposable. We are soliciting
articles, essays, interviews, ethnographies (textual and visual), and
short reviews that examine from historical, political, economic, and
cultural perspectives trash and exploitation cinema, youth and minority

media production, art film and video, ultra low budget production,
ambient media and other production forms that are for the most part
ignored or excluded from the ecology of mainstream and academic media
discourse. In short, this issue will focus on media that are either
rendered invisible by virtue of their difference from Hollywood movies
and network-cable television or are momentarily seen by viewers and
then for the most part forgotten.

Furthermore many of these discarded cultural forms have been recently
"discovered" or rediscovered by scholars and critics and are now moving
toward institutional consecration. How these media respond to this
increasing legitimization and the implication this has for dominant
media forms is also open for examination.

Of course, there is a considerable amount of writing over the past two
hundred years that has celebrated the discarded and the degraded as a
shadow to that which is considered ennobled or transcendent. It has
been pointed out by commentators, Foucault and Derrida most famously,
that this shadow is intrinsically linked to the success of that which
dominates. This discourse of shadow and light =96 at issue a politics of

absence and presence =96 will serve as a point of departure from which
acknowledge and analyze media that are either ignored for reasons of
aesthetic elitism and "good taste" or for reasons of invisibility due
to ubiquity. In addition, many of these shadow media forms have
constituent groups =96 fans, bank managers, teenagers =96 that consume
produce them and these specific cultural groupings may be explored as

Manuscripts submitted for consideration should look toward
understanding why some media forms strike the eye and why some merely
glance aside.

Deadline for Submission: December 1, 2005

Spectator is a biannual publication of the Division of Critical Studies
at the School of Cinema-Television, University of Southern California.

Manuscripts that address the above topic are now invited for

Topics may include, but are not limited to, any of the following:

Histories of the Ephemeral and the Invisible
Ethnographies of the Ephemeral and the Invisible
Cultures of Trash, Camp, Cult, and Exploitation
Auteurs of the Ephemeral (Derek Jarman, Andy Warhol, Doris Wishman and
many others)
Trash Genres
Snapshots and Memory
Home Movies & Baby Pictures
Comic Books and Strips (Smiling Jack, Brenda Starr, Blackhawk, Sugar
and Spice, etc.)
Public Screens: Bank Machines, Sports Bars, Information 
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