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<nettime-ann> [event] Stop the Minutemen in September - Actions and No B
lotu5 on Sat, 10 Sep 2005 09:31:53 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> [event] Stop the Minutemen in September - Actions and No Border Camp, Sept. 16-18th

<< please forward widely, announcement online at
   http://deletetheborder.org/?q=node/196         >>

We call on people everywhere to converge on the San Diego/Tijuana region
and the Mexicali/Calexico region of the Mexico/US border in order to stop
the vigilante operation being planned there by the Friends of the Border
Patrol, beginning on September 16th. We also call on those who cannot
travel to these areas to organize solidarity actions in their home towns
rejecting the Minutemen, Borders and the racist ideologies that Borders
are built on.

En Español Aqui: http://deletetheborder.org/?q=node/200

Our goal for Sep. 16th-18th is to take action and directly shut down the
Minutemen operations.

No one is illegal. All people have a right to travel and migrate wherever
they want. Our struggle works toward the liberation of migrant people,
women, indigenous people, people of all nationalities, queers and people
of color against the violent bigotry of the MinuteMen and we intend to
stop their project from going any further.

Migration controls hurt everyone's freedom and privacy. Some of us are
more directly targeted and affected by these policies, but all of our
lives are being reshaped by them. We are in this struggle not only to
reject and stop these racist attacks, but to move towards a world without
borders, a world of liberation for all people.

Read complete call here: http://deletetheborder.org/?q=september-call

This call endorsed by:

The o.r.g.a.n.i.c. Collective - http://organicCollective.org
Anarchist Action San Francisco - http://anarchistAction.org
Bay Area Coalition to Fight the Minutemen
Blast Furnace Radio, Pittsburgh, PA
ABC Melbourne Australia
Anti-Racist Action LA
Gente Unida Coalition
La Tierra es de Todos Coalition
San Diego Renters Union

Another call for Direct Action has also been issued by the Buenas Noches
Brigade. Click here to read the Buenas Noches Brigade call to action:

To add your organization to the list of groups endorsing this call,
please email info at organicCollective.org

Event & Action Schedules

San Francisco:
Sep. 8th. 7-9 pm.
Information Session--Videos, Speakers, Discussion.
Mission Cultural Center (2868 Mission St.)

San Diego, Calexico, & Los Angeles Schedule--

Los Angeles:
Sept. 9, 7:30 p.m. at the East L.A. College student center.
Sep. 10, Concert & Fundraiser at East L.A. College.

San Diego & Calexico:
9/3/. 11 am. 3758 30th St. San Diego.
Coordinating Meeting for All Groups Opposing the Minutemen on 9/17

9/4. Holtville, CA, near Calexico.
Gathering to Commemorate the Deaths of Hundreds of Migrants Crossing the


Day, time TBA, San Diego.
Protests to Disrupt the Minutemen Training Session

Voz Alta, 1544 Broadway in downtown San Diego, will be used as a
convergence space for people to come together and get plugged in. It will
be open from 5pm on. There will be trainings there after 6pm as well.

6 pm. San Diego
Press Conference, location TBA.
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