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<nettime-ann> [ann] [International ArtExpo] 2005 Exhibitions and Events
Luca Curci on Sun, 11 Sep 2005 14:53:17 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> [ann] [International ArtExpo] 2005 Exhibitions and Events

Luca Curci . video - dvd_2005

      Luca Curci . 2005 Exhibitions and Events 

      January: "Lobby Festival", at Rocket Club - Milano (Italy)

      April: "EROS + FOOD", international videoart festival, at Sala
Estense, Ferrara (Italy)

      April: 17th "Independent Arts" Festival - Cultural Centre of
Sint-Niklaas (Belgium)

      May: Senef 2005 - Seoul Net & Film Festival - Seoul, Korea

      May: Art director of "Hybrid Channel", international videoart
festival, at Moebius cultural space, Bari (Italy)

      July: 2nd International Independent Video/Filmfestival "Ohne
Kohle", Vienna (Austria) and Mainz (Germany)

      July: "Sex&Food - Luca Curci and Fabiana Roscioli" at Pasifae
Gallery in Rome and SCK Gallery in Belgrade (Serbia & Montenegro)

      August: Sex&Food - International Video Art Festival at Kamera 55
Gallery - Cisternino (Brindisi) - Italy

      August: Organismi Geneticamente Modificati at Primo Piano Living
Gallery - Lecce (Italy)

      August: Mind the G.A.P. - Video Art Space - Fiere di Parma, Parma

      August: Republic of Artists 2005 at Wifredo Lam Art Gallery in the
City of Havana (Cuba)

      September: International Video Art Screening "URBAN FLESH AND
BLOOD" organized by the Kaliningrad Branch of the National Center for
Contemporary Arts, Kaliningrad (Russia)

      September: BEOGRAD NEKAD I SAD, curated by Marko Stamenkovic at
jna galerija "Beograd" in Belgrade (Serbia & Montenegro)

      September: "Corrosion" at MUnA (University Museum in Uberlandia
, Minas Gerais state - Brazil

      October: Live Art Festival "Private Impact" at "Koszary sztuki",
"OFFicyna", National Museum in Szczecin (Poland) and Berlin (Germany)

      November: BAC! 06 - International Contemporary Art Festival in
Barcelona - CCCB Centre de Cultura Contempor=E0nia de Barcelona and at La
Santa Proyectos Culturales, Barcelona (Spagna)

      November: International Experimental Film Festival Carbunari 2005 -
lorean Museum (Romania)

      November: The 2nd International Festival of Audio-Visual Arts
"VIDEOLOGIA", Volgograd (Russia)

      November: "Aereal Vision" at Marta Traba Gallery - Latin America
Memorial Foundation, S=E3o Paulo (Brazil)

      Luca Curci work is represented by:

      MB gallery Galerie Mamia Bretesch
      48 rue Chapon 75003 - Paris, France
      Primo Piano Livingallery
      Viale Guglielmo Marconi 4 (73100) - Lecce, Italy

      Gabrijel Savic Ra - V.I.P.Art Gallery
      SKC Students Cultural Center, Kralja Milana 48 - 11000 Belgrade
(Serbia & Montenegro)

      DnC Film
      2F Shinwoo BLDG, 226-3 Nonhyun-Dong,Kangnam-Gu, Seoul 135-010


      for more details:

      Luca Curci . web. www.lucacurci.com | email.
lucacurci {AT} lucacurci.com | phone. +39 338 7574098

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