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<nettime-ann> [ann] (infinitely small) THINGS IN FALL, THE SEASON
kanarinka on Thu, 15 Sep 2005 08:22:42 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> [ann] (infinitely small) THINGS IN FALL, THE SEASON

News & events from the Institute for Infinitely Small Things, iKatun, 
and kanarinka

PROJECT LAUNCH: 12 Inches of Weather
A body (human, not planetary) also has weather. These drawings map 12
inches of weather on a human body as it was subjected to short periods
of rapid change due to activities of displacement.

PROJECT LAUNCH: kanarinka studio
Definitions of psychogeography and microperformance. Fresh for
contention. Projects and performances.

CONFERENCE: Corporate Commands  {AT}  Artivistic Conference: Art,
Information, Activism
September 22-24, Montreal, Canada
The Institute for Infinitely Small Things will be conducting
expeditions for and performances of Corporate Commands at Artivistic.
Email us if you are interested in going on a road-trip.

CONFERENCE/EXHIBITION: Artwork at The Upgrade! International  {AT}  Eyebeam
September 16-24, New York City, NY
Work by the Institute for Infinitely Small Things & iKatun will be on
display. Jo-Anne Green & Catherine D'Ignazio will present about The
Upgrade! Boston.

EXHIBITION/FESTIVAL: Glowlab at Art Interactive
A nine-week-long psychogeography festival in Central Square, Cambridge,
Exhibition Dates: 10/14/05 - 12/11/05
Opening Reception: Friday, October 14th, 6PM - 9PM
iKatun is pleased to be able to support the Glowlab show at Art
Interactive, Cambridge, MA, and to serve as the co-producer of this
strange, hybrid festival-exhibition. Other partners for this exhibition
include the Berwick Research Institute, Turbulence.org, the Center for
Advanced Visual Studies at MIT, the Boston Society of Architects, and
Anthem Magazine.

EVENT: iKatun is a Visiting Artist
UC Santa Cruz, History of Theory & Consciousness Program
In conjunction with Michael Mandiberg
October 26-28, Santa Cruz, California

EXHIBITION: Psychogeographic Map on Display at Children's Museum, Boston
November, 2005. Boston, MA.
Part of the Satellite Public Art Residency program at the Berwick
Research Institute in partnership with Arts in Progress. The Institute
for Infinitely Small Things collaborated with youth from Dudley Square
to map Corporate Commands in the Dudley neighborhood during Summer,
2005. The results of their research will be on display at the
Children's Museum, Boston, in November, 2005. Opening reception & event
dates TBA.

ARTICLE: "Art-Machines, Body-Ovens and Map-Recipes: Entries for a
Psychogeographic Dictionary" by kanarinka
Forthcoming in Winter 2006 in Art and Mapping: Special Issue of
Cartographic Perspectives
Editors: Denis Wood and John Krygier
kanarinka undefinitively defines things like ovens and mobility.
To order a copy, email John Krygier at jbkrygier {AT} owu.edu.

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