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<nettime-ann> [job] Position opening--Baton Rouge
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<nettime-ann> [job] Position opening--Baton Rouge


College of Art & Design/Center for Computation and Technology (CCT)
The LSU College of Art & Design, in partnership with the Center for  
Computation and Technology (CCT) at LSU announces a tenure-track  
faculty position in computational art/design and convergent media.  
This position will be expected to conduct sponsored research and  
creative activity in the fields of computational art or convergent  
media, teach discipline-related courses, and help develop additional  
discipline-related courses within the College of Art & Design.

As a member of the CCT's Laboratory for Creative Arts & Technologies  
(LCAT) and Visualization, Interaction and Digital Arts focus area,  
the faculty member will be expected to conduct interdisciplinary  
research with other members of the focus area and at the CCT.

Required Qualifications: Terminal degree in art, design disciplines,  
computer science, engineering or closely related field with a  
specialization in computer art, digital media or scientific  
visualization. Candidates with exceptional qualifications and  
experience will be considered at higher ranks. Additional  
Qualifications Desired: specialization in one or more of the  
following areas: computer animation, video art, scientific  
visualization, geo-spatial representation (GIS), convergent media, or  
human-computer interface; teaching experience.

The CCT, directed by Dr. Edward Seidel, is a focal point of  
interdisciplinary research in the computational sciences across a  
wide array of disciplines, including computational mathematics,  
computer science, nanotechnologies, astrophysics and relativity,  
fluid dynamics, bio-informatics and the arts. Much of CCT's funding  
is being used to create new faculty positions and research groups in  
these areas, with the expectation that new faculty members will  
develop their own high profile, interdisciplinary research programs  
that complement existing national and international CCT projects.

Faculty activities are expected to support and to be highly  
integrated into the complimentary goals of the College of Art &  
Design and the CCT. To enhance these activities, the CCT has  
developed active visitor and fellowship programs. As part of the  
initiative, CCT already hosts 1,024 and 256 processor beowulf  
clusters, a 48 processor G5 cluster, and the Center is building  
additional infrastructure such as an advanced visualization facility.  
In the summer of 2005, LSU will be connected to LONI (Louisiana  
Optical Network Initiative), a 40 Gbps high-speed network that links  
8 major research facilities in the state to the National Lambda Rail.

The College of Art & Design is composed of the Schools of  
Architecture, Art, Landscape Architecture, and the Department of  
Interior Design. The College is dedicated to design and fine arts  
expression and innovation through excellence in research,  
scholarship, and creative activity. Our unique blend of people,  
programs, resources, and interdisciplinary partnerships provides a  
vital foundation for promoting engaged learning and professional  
development. The faculty express their creative talents in a broad  
range of professional endeavors that impact the social, economic, and  
cultural milieu of contemporary society at a regional, national, and  
international scale. The College is recognized for educating artists  
and designers who attain the highest levels of professional and  
personal accomplishment, and become creative, engaged citizens who  
provide leadership to their respective professions and communities.

URLs:  http://design.lsu.edu/  OR  http://www.cct.lsu.edu/  OR   

Review of applications will begin September 30, 2005, and will  
continue until candidate is selected. Candidates should send a letter  
of application, curriculum vita, (including e-mail address), letters  
of recommendation and a representative portfolio to:
CCT/CoAD Faculty Search Committee
Attn: Katie Edwards
Center for Computation & Technolog
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