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<nettime-ann> [call] New Deadline for INTERACTIVE FUTURES September 30th
artclay {AT} bluewin.ch on Wed, 21 Sep 2005 15:13:13 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> [call] New Deadline for INTERACTIVE FUTURES September 30th.

Victoria Independent Film and Video Festival - http://www.vifvf.com/
Co-sponsored by Open Space Artist-Run Centre - http://www.openspace.ca/
Parallel event - Digital Art Weeks, Summer 2006, Swiss Federal 
Institute of Technology - http://www.jg.inf.ethz.ch/Group/Front
Conference hotel - Laurel Point Inn - http://www.laurelpoint.com/
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, Thurs Jan. 26 - Sun. Jan. 29, 2006.



INTERACTIVE FUTURES is a forum for showing recent tendencies in new 
media art as well as a conference for exploring issues related to 
technology. The theme of this year's event is Audio Visions. IF06 will 
explore new forms of audio-based media art from a diverse body of 
artists, theorists, and sound practitioners. Sound poetry, web-based 
audio and multimedia, mobile audio performance, new forms of music 
theatre, synaesthetic performance, hybrid forms, sound-based 
installation, video and sound, and environmental sound are all of 
interest to Audio Visions.

The proliferation of audio technologies, audio-visual collaboration, 
and hybrid forms of live performance in the new millennium is striking. 
Audio artists are exploring the areas of mobility, virtuality, 
performance, and audience interaction from an experimental 
point-of-view. Audio Visions invites scholars, sound-artists, and 
performers of all stripes to submit paper, panel, performance or 
installation proposals in one of the three following categories.

1. "Sound and Vision" lecture and panel series - Scholars, artists, and 
practitioners working in audio or audio-visual-based new media are 
encouraged to submit proposals for IF06. We are interested in a broad 
range of audio including: computational, interactive or generative 
audio; the creation of digital audio tools; synchronization between 
sound and visuals; performative art that explores language, voice and 
body; streaming radio and mobile sound works. Presentations should be, 
in part, demonstrative. We recognize that sound art is evolving and 
that categories have become increasingly irrelevant - we encourage 
proposals that push the boundaries of the traditional conference paper.

2. "Earshot" performance series - "Earshot" is seeking experimental 
audio-based performances that challenge assumptions about audio forms 
and performance conventions. Avant-garde, post-avant-garde, techno, 
electro-acoustic, synaesthetic production, liminal art and hybrid 
performance are all within our desired range. "Earshot" is primarily 
interested in new types of electronic audio-visual performance as well 
as models for audience participation in sound works. "Earshot" will run 
performances at Open Space for each night of IF06.

3. "Tangible Frequencies" installations - We are interested in audio 
installation works that consider site, space, vision, volume and 
perception and how physical location 'matters' to the reception of 
audio frequencies. IF06 has identified areas within Open Space Gallery 
to function as controlled locations for sound installations.* We 
welcome proposals that respond to the particular characteristics of 
these locations through their acknowledgement of private and/or public 
space and use. Installations may provide audio continuity to the 
existing locations, or respond as intervention and critique.

INTERACTIVE FUTURES is part of the Victoria Independent Film and Video 
Festival and applicants are encouraged to check the Festival website 
for more information on the broader program.


* Greg Hermanovic of Derivative software is a visionary 
software-engineer involved in the creation of real-time visual tools. 
In 2003 he received an Academy Award for the pioneering of modeling in 
the film industry with PRISMS and Houdini. Greg coordinated the 
realtime animation at SIGGRAPH 98's Interactive Dance Club, and 
directed special effects for Michael Snow's Corpus Callosum. 
Derivative's Touch software, a 
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