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<nettime-ann> [event] ISTANBUL RELOADED at De Melkweg
nat muller on Wed, 21 Sep 2005 15:57:02 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> [event] ISTANBUL RELOADED at De Melkweg

apologies for cross-posting


Date: Wed 5th October
Location: De Melkweg, Theaterzaal, Lijnbaansgracht 234 A, Amsterdam

Time:Performances: 20.30  - 22.30 hours
Entrance performances: euro 10,-
Time: Panel: 16.00 - 18.00 hours (free)

Bookings: 020  5318181
URL: www.melkweg.nl  (under media)

ISTANBUL RELOADED invites you to reload your sonic perception, and sample
the diversity of Istanbuli experimental sound art.

Istanbul evokes many connotations ranging from the mysterious riches of
Byzantium to the throbbing capital of the Eurasian world Constantinople.
History books and travel guides have imprinted an image on us ranging
from orientalist fairy tale dreams to a modern metropolis negotiating
tradition and future, east and west. We can picture Istanbul visually
with all its landmarks, and have probably eavesdropped on Turkish pop and
traditional music. However, how diversified is that perception?
As the cultural capital of Turkey, Istanbul boasts a small, but
exceptional experimental electronic music scene, probes the new
possibilities real-time processing and other technologies allow for
performance and composition, sometimes merging traditional Turkish
influences and instruments with the aesthetics of contemporary
PROGRAM: Wed 5th October

20.30 - 22.00 hours, entrance:  10
Erdem Helvacioglu (TR)
Cev Edit (TR/NL)
Anabala (Murat Ertel & Ceren Aykut) (TR)

16.00 - 18.00 hours, entrance: free
Participants: Cevdet Erek (TR/NL), Erdem Helvacioglu (TR), Anabala=20
(Murat Ertel & Ceren Aykut) (TR), Abdullah Hendrik Geels (NL)
Moderation: Nat Muller (NL)


ISTANBUL RELOADEDis part of Xeno_Sonic: Experimental Music Mapping in the
Middle East, a project and initiative of Nat Muller in collaboration with
De Melkweg.

ISTANBUL RELOADED is kindly supported by VSBfonds, Mondriaanfonds, Fonds
voor Amateur en Podiumkunsten, Stichting Kulsan, Fonds voor
Podium-Programmering & Marketing. The research phase of Xeno_Sonic was
supported by The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and

Editor's note
For more information, visual material or interviews, contact:
Publiciteit Melkweg: Esther Lagendijk | tel: 020-5318167 | fax:=20
020-5318118 | esther {AT} melkweg.nl

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