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<nettime-ann> [call] outsource me! readme 100 contest
olga goriunova on Wed, 21 Sep 2005 16:03:20 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> [call] outsource me! readme 100 contest

Open Call for Proposals
Get your Software Art Piece Done for Free

Have you ever dreamt of having a piece of software art (1) you could call
truly yours? Or had the feeling that most media art is dull, and that you
could do it better? Or had a marvelous idea you could not realize for
lack of time, commitment or expertise?
Well, your chance has come.

No need to mess around with abstruse programs or bother with dreary code.
The world is full of people willing to do the hard work for you. That's
what outsourcing is about.  Those are the rules of the global electronic

It doesn't cost much. Actually, just for this time it will cost you

Leonardo Solaas, an Argentinean programmer and net artist, suggests
reversing the rules: only once it is not the programmer who is chosen by
the employer but it is the employer who is chosen by the programmer. He
is looking for someone to tell him what to do, thus himself outsourcing
the task of getting an idea.
Submit yours! Become his boss! Submit your ideas at
http://outsource.solaas.com.ar till October 3rd, and you could be the
lucky winner of a possibility to implement YOUR piece of software art. 
If Leonardo chooses your concept, he will become your outsourced
Contractor for
this work, and you will be his Employer. 

You could learn about Leonardo's skills and interests (at
http://solaas.com.ar/outsource/leonardo) to figure out whether your
proposal would fit his experience. 

All this is made possible by Readme 100 Temporary Software Art Factory
(2) (a.k.a. the MetaEmployer). The resulting piece will be presented at a
festival taking place on November 4-5, 2005, in the State and City Library
of Dortmund, Germany.


1. For those who are not sure what software art is, please, learn more at
2. http://readme.runme.org

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