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<nettime-ann> [call] [Fwdfyi&c!: Greenpepper EMERGENCY issue : Call for Contributions

Being a great fan of the GreenPepper Magazine, I only heartily can
recommand to contribute to its content!

cheers, patrizio & Diiinoos!

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Subject: Greenpepper EMERGENCY issue : Call for Contributions
From:    "gavin" <gavin {AT} greenpeppermagazine.org>
Date:    Fri, September 9, 2005 7:35 pm


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Greenpepper Magazine : EMERGENCY Issue : Call for Contributions :

The Greenpepper is an Amsterdam-based magazine project focusing on
autonomous political struggles.

The next issue of the Greenpepper magazine seeks to critically explore
the 'state of emergency' as the paradigm of contemporary politics. We 
particularly interested in contributions which push at the limits of
conceptions of, and approaches to, the 'state of emergency'.  We are 
looking for contributions that explore the broader and ongoing  issues
the Greenpepper for inclusion in the non-theme area of the  magazine.

1) Questions and topics to be explored in the theme area include (but 
not limited to):

- What is the State of Emergency ? What are its characteristics, modes
and sites of conflict? What are the implications of Emergency as the
paradigm of state power and how does it transform the ways sovereign
power is exercised ? How do contemporary methods of state violence 
from earlier and more conventional policing practices ? How does  the
on terror' transform the terrain of political conflict ?

- What is the camp and where are its borders ? How (in)effective are
human rights,privacy and civil liberties in identifying, targeting and
resisting the 'state of emergency' ? What is the relationship between
citizenship and exclusion (or political community and the production of
'bare life') ? In what ways does the 'state of emergency' transform the
city and the markets that are situated there - or, how does emergency
transform the relationship between capital and crisis ?

- What is the relationship between emergency and emergent power =96 
the current (security)state of affairs (indefinite detention,
proliferation of camps, concentration of executive power, suspension of
rule of law, new kinds of social control, life management and racial
profiling) and various political struggles (for example, against
detention, racism, surveillance, war and precarity) ?

- What new possibilities and sites of political conflict does the 'state
of emergency' open up and/or close down? Are struggles a response to the
state of emergency or is emergency a response to struggles ? Either way,
what are the implications for (re)thinking political disobedience beyond
citizenship and democratic rights?

- What is biopolitics how does it relate to the state of emergenc
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