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<nettime-ann> [event] [DENMARK] OHPening Performance Night at The Art of
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<nettime-ann> [event] [DENMARK] OHPening Performance Night at The Art of the Overhead!

If you are located around Copenhagen stop by our OHPening for
The Art of the Overhead exhibition with Siegfried Zielinski and
a non-stop performance program.

The opening takes place on the 1st of October will start at 18.00 and will
be followed by a talk by prof Siegfried Zielinski of the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne.
After his media-archeological introduction to the world projection the night will
feature a unique non-stop performance program with overhead visuals and
music by Felix Kubin & Wojt3k Kucharzcyk, Mikomikona, Mikkel Metal, Seimi Nørregaard,
Oliver Hangl & Monochrom, Maximilian Moulettes & Andreas Kurtsson,
Katrin Bethge & "für diesen abend", Uglen Batman & Copyflex among others.

The opening and performance night takes place at Basement, Enghavevej 42 -
right next to Vega night club in Copenhagen.
After 19 the entrance fee will be a cheap 60 dkk.

See the full program at www.overheads.org

many best wishes,
The Art of the Overhead

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