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<nettime-ann> [event] Mark Amerika public lecture: Making Space for the
Megan Heyward on Tue, 4 Oct 2005 10:38:18 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> [event] Mark Amerika public lecture: Making Space for the Artist: 11 Oct 2005

 Making Space for the Artist
A public lecture by Mark Amerika

Tuesday October 11
7pm- 8.30pm
Building 3.5.10
(Bon Marche Building- corner of Harris St and Broadway, Ultimo)
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
University of Technology, Sydney

Making Space For The Artist

By its very nature, new media art is congested with always emergent 
technologies and a slew of theoretical justifications that attempt to 
turn aesthetic practice into art-research. But avant-garde artists have 
been at the forefront of pioneering an experimental humanities since the

early 20th century, and many reputable universities are now finding 
pockets of interest in their various science faculties that want to move

away from "computer science per se" as well as "theory" while 
simultaneously embracing new modes of interdisciplinary thought that 
border on the aesthetic. Who are the new media artists of today and 
where are they hiding in the midst of all of this interdisciplinary 
change? Are they capable of making space for their creative enterprise 
without conforming to preset research agendas and styles of inquiry, and

is it still possible to take a radical stance from within the work of 
art itself regardless of what new technologies are hot and what current 
theory tries to appropriate its fluid context?

Mark Amerika's lecture will mix personal narrative, philosophical 
inquiry, spontaneous theories, and cyberpunk fictions as a way to locate

the emerging spaces where new media artists operate when distributing 
their digital art personas.  Presenting a selection of his work composed

over the last 15 years, he will discuss how making space for the artist 
requires protecting the creative process from becoming neutered by the 
corporate greed machine, and how artists themselves might strategize a 
parallel "digital poetics" that creatively disturbs the by now 
predictable forms of academic research practice.


Mark Amerika is a Professor of Art and Art History at the University of 
Colorado at Boulder. His net art, DVD surround sound installations, and 
VJ performances have been exhibited and featured all over the world. He 
is the author of two novels, has edited three published anthologies, and

is the Founder and Publisher of the Alt-X Online Network, a net art and 
new media writing site started on the Internet in 1993 (www.altx.com). 
His forthcoming book of artist writings, entitled META/DATA: A Digital 
Poetics, will be published by MIT Press later next year. Professor 
Amerika is also directing his first feature-length film, entitled MY 
AUTOEROTIC MUSE. His website is www.markamerika.com

Mark Amerika is a Visiting Artist in the Faculty of Humanities and 
Social Sciences, UTS, in Spring 2005. For further information please 
contact Megan.Heyward {AT} uts.edu.au.

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