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<nettime-ann> [ann] AGM 05: SILENCE - Annual General Meeting 2005 Event
Alfredo Cramerotti on Wed, 12 Oct 2005 12:12:43 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> [ann] AGM 05: SILENCE - Annual General Meeting 2005 Event /2.1

- We apologise for any cross postings -

AGM 2005 =96 SILENCE
Toronto, ON (Canada) Sept 29th - Oct 15th 2005 - In collaboration

and hosted by SOUNDplay sound & video Festival

The AGM idea
AGM aims to build collaborations and develop new connections among=20
participants and audiences. For =91AGM 05 SILENCE=92 we aim to enhance =
exchange between Canadian artists, and artists who already

with SOUNDplay Festival, with a group of European artists and with

AGM structure.=A0
We see AGM as a meeting, a sort of T.A.Z. where exchange, work, and=20
collaboration are generated and continuously fluxing and shuffling,=20
with no beginning and no end. And for this reason, every AGM relies

the temporality of the event and the continuity of the effort, in

to create the conditions for this exchange throughout a period of

spent working together.

The installations responding on SILENCE of respectively Christof=20
Migone, Richard Crow and Iben Bentzen together with the performance

Richard Crow and the screening of Katarina L=F6fstr=F6m's videos are=20
selected by AGM =96 Annual General Meeting. An initiative based in=20
Copenhagen and Berlin headed by the two curators and artists Alfredo=20
Cramerotti and Iben Bentzen.

AGM05 wants to explore different sides and angles of the notion of=20
Silence. We have encourage the invited artists to address silence

different approach eg. silence and politics, silence and urbanity,=20
silence and nature, physical and psycological silence. Silence has=20
multilayered meanings. If you stay silent, you may consent or negate=20
according to specific situations and contexts. Silence is used and=20
understood differently according to social or religious customs.=20
Silence is not only to be seen as opposed to noise, or as a term used=20
within sound-experimental practice, but also as a tool in political=20
discourse. Silence is not easy to explore these days: Where is total=20
silence? What it stands for? There=92s beautiful silence and

frightening silence. Does silence exist in physical terms?

Richard Crow London
Christof Migone  Montreal
Iben Bentzen  Copenhagen
Jacob Kierkegaard  Cologne
Emil Svendsen  Copenhagen
Toke Tietze Mortensen  Berlin
Katarina L=F6fstr=F6m  Stockholm

Organization and Curation by
Iben Bentzen, Darren Copeland and Alfredo Cramerotti =20


Sound Installations
Sep 29-Oct 8	Prefix Gallery Audio Room
			Christof Migone: "Quieting"

Oct 12-14		Prefix Gallery Audio Room
			Richard Crow: "Speaker, stain, silence"

Oct 14-16=A0		Latvian House
			Iben Bentzen with Jacob Kierkegaard, Emil =
Svendsen and Toke Tietze=20
Mortensen: "SILENCE"

Oct 11 		Ambient Ping, Hacienda Club
  =A0 =A0 			Richard Crow

Video Screenings
October 15=A0=A0 	Latvian House
	 =A0 		Katarina L=F6fstr=F6m: "Pan AM" / "High Noon" / =
"Hang Ten Sunset" /=20
"Red Light"

AGM is initiated by the collaborative effort of Alfredo Cramerotti

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