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<nettime-ann> [cast] BEO Guerrillikka: done
intima on Wed, 19 Oct 2005 19:48:34 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> [cast] BEO Guerrillikka: done

Ballettikka Internettikka: BEO Guerrillikka 
[ Bureau NetBallet ]


by Igor Stromajer & Brane Zorman (Belgrade, Serbia, 2005)
(live internet broadcasting)

Thursday, Oct 13th 2005 at 9 PM GMT+1
Duration: 23 minutes

Location: National Theatre (Narodno pozoriste) in Belgrade, Serbia
# Latitude: 44.79345 N, Longitude: 20.45340 E, Terain Elevation: 110 m
Microlocation: Office of the Ballet Artistic Director (3rd Floor)

Location was made public on Oct 13th at 8:50 PM GMT+1 (10 minutes before
the performance started; due to security reasons)

- - - - -

Ballettikka Internettikka is an ongoing study of the internet guerrilla
performance. After invading the Bolsh.oi Theatre in Moscow (March 2002),
and La S.cala in Milan (November 2004), Stromajer and Zorman performed a
new internet ballet  -- on October 13th 2005, this time in another
theatre and ballet house -- The National Theatre in Belgrade, Serbia.

Live internet broadcasting started on October 13th 2005 at 9 PM GMT+1 and
lasted 23 minutes.

They have performed the ballet in the office (brain center) of the
National Theatre Ballet Artistic Director, where the hardest artistic
decisions to run the institution are taking place. The artists have
entered building dressed as electricians, employes ("Igormir Neutronovic"
and "Branimir Protonovic") of an nonexisting Serbian electricity-service
company Elektroda d.o.o., coming to fix the previously reported
malfunction on the National Theatre's electrical system (with the help of
an anonymous undercover rat-collaborator inside the theatre -- code name:

Watch and listen live to internet guerrilla bureau net ballet visual and
audio archives at

Artists used low-tech mobile and wireless equipment for live broadcasting
(portable computers, mini digital camera, MP3 audio systems, mobile WAP
telephones etc). A laptop and Logitech webcam, together with Webcam32
(version 6.0) software were used for broadcasting the video signal
(running over Intima Virtual Base FTP server). Another laptop and MP3
player with online interface SHOUTcast (version 1.8.3/win32), were used
for live sound broadcasting (running over Beitthron FTP server). A local
GSM mobile phone operator was used for GPRS mobile internet connection.

- - - - -

Action Timetable / Belgrade, Oct 13th 2005 / GMT+1:

20:55 Equipment check on the parking place in front of the National
20:57 Turning the computers on
20:59 Establishing wireless Internet connection (GSM 900/1800)

21:00 Start of live Internet broadcasting (-2) and final equipment check
21:01 Entering the building of the National Theatre; climbing the stairs
-- 3rd Floor (code: -1)
21:05 Entering the office of the National Theatre Ballet Artistic
Director (3rd Floor / left): (code: 0) starting live bureau net ballet
(10 min)
21:15 End of live bureau net ballet: exiting the office; descending the
stairs (code: +1)
21:19 Exiting the building of the National Theatre
21:20 Terminating wireless Internet connection at the parking place
outside the National Theatre and turning off the computers (code: +2)

21:23 Taking the taxi to the O3ONE Gallery and securing the material

- - - - -

Dancing a wireless bureau net ballet in the office of the National
Theatre Ballet Artist
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