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<nettime-ann> [event] [cape town] SESSIONS eKAPA 2005 - (Re)Locating Con
Julian Jonker on Fri, 21 Oct 2005 15:32:08 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> [event] [cape town] SESSIONS eKAPA 2005 - (Re)Locating Contemporary African Art

Registration is now open for SESSIONS eKAPA 2005, an international art
meeting held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, Cape Town,
on 4-6 December 2005, and with the theme of "Mzantsi: (Re)Locating
Contemporary African Art Practice". 
SESSIONS eKAPA 2005 features an intensive 3 day programme of dialogues
and workshops, panel discussion and site specific minilaboratories
devoted to contemporary art practice in Africa, exploring specifically
the interface between local art practices and global art circuits. 
Speakers range from leading art theorists, writers and curators to
cultural provocateurs from diverse disciplines and African forums.
Discussions explore new models of large scale curation and alternatives
to the international exhibition, transgressions of the boundaries of
contemporary art and activism, and cutting edge African forums for
multidisciplinarity and networking.
Seats for SESSIONS eKAPA 2005 are limited. For further details, visit
www.capeafrica.org. To register, contact the conference secretariat,
Kashief Gamieldien, at kashief {AT} tribalco.co.za or +27 (0) 21 697 0180.
Early registration is discounted, but closes on 28 October.

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