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DAVIDE MERONI on Sat, 22 Oct 2005 23:48:34 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> [ann] EXD'05-Bienal de lisboa


  The theme of the ExperimentaDesign 2005 completes a cycle. In 2001,
the theme Modus Operandi reflected an interest in specific ways of

producing culture in the diverse areas of design, art and architecture.

In 2003, Beyond Consumption laid the foundations for a broader
discussion of the figure and the position of the consumer, spectator
and user. Now, in 2005, The Medium is the Matter will focus on the
media and the transmission materials perceptible in the gap to be found

between creator and receiver.

"The Medium is the Matter targets communication media and communicative

objects - a realm where sometimes matter seems less important than the

messages it conveys, and in which the interactions between those who
create and those who receive become the actual product." (Max Bruinsma,

guest curator).

The Medium is the Matter explores the communication process, its
agents, mediators, producers, products and by-products. In the
fast-changing and expanding global networks, communication exchanges
take place through such densely codified media that they generate more

meaning than the message they are supposed to transmit.

As it is fed through mediation mechanisms, formatted in different
visual languages and codes, shuttled back and forth between subjects,
the message is morphed into a complex and composite matter, made up of

alternative layers of meaning and intentionality added by each

Matter enters into a new dimension, as different resources, materials
and production tools are fused to create original and daring
alternatives that enhance the performance of their applied use. The
limits of matter and materials are probed as science, technology and
art begin to operate in the same sphere of interest and join efforts in

both practise and research, yielding surprising results.

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