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Rowan Wilson on Sat, 22 Oct 2005 23:58:03 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> [pub] NEW TITLE by ANTONIO NEGRI from VERSO




Between Civil War and Democracy in 1970s Italy


Edited and introduced by Timothy S. Murphy

Translated by Arianna Bove, Ed Emery, Timothy S. Murphy and Francesco 

Long before Antonio Negri became famous around the world for his 
groundbreaking volume Empire, he was infamous across Europe for the 
incendiary writings contained in this book. Books for Burning consists 
of five pamphlets that Negri wrote between 1971 and 1977, which attempt 
to identify and draw lessons from new conditions of class struggle that 
emerged in the course of the 1970s.

Conceived as organizational hypotheses intended for debate among the 
members of the political movements Workers' Power (Potere operaio) and 
Organized Autonomy (Autonomia organizzata), these texts were later 
misread and misrepresented by the Italian state in its attempt to frame 
Negri as responsible for the assassination of former Italian president 
Aldo Moro, as the leader of the Red Brigades, and as the mastermind of 
an armed insurrection against the state. In the more than twenty-five 
years since their first publication, these texts have lost none of their

originality, relevance or power to shock.

In a new preface, Negri demonstrates how his controversial work on 
empire, biopolitics and immaterial labor developed out of concepts and 
strategies first outlined in this book, and an editorial introduction 
analyzes the role these texts played in Negri's trial and in the 
criminalization of the Italian radical workers' movement.

Antonio Negri has taught philosophy and political science at the 
Universities of Padua and Paris; he has also been a political prisoner 
in Italy and a political refugee in France. He is the author of over 
thirty books, including Marx Beyond Marx, The Savage Anomaly, The 
Politics of Subversion, Insurgencies, Subversive Spinoza, and Time for 
Revolution, and, in collaboration with Michael Hardt, Labor of Dionysus,

Empire and Multitude. He currently lives in Paris and Venice.

Timothy S. Murphy is associate professor of English at the University of

Oklahoma. He is the translator of Antonio Negri's Subversive Spinoza and

co-editor of Resistance in Practice: The Philosophy of Antonio Negri.

October 2005 / 352pp

Paperback * 1 84467 034 1 * A316.99 * US $25 * Cdn $35


Editor's Introduction: Books for Burning

Editorial Acknowledgements & Translators' Note


Preface to the Italian Edition: 1997-Twenty Years Later and Prefatory 
Note to the English Translation                             

Crisis of the Planner-State: Communism and Revolutionary Organization 

Workers' Party Against Work (1973)

Proletarians and the State: Toward a Discussion of Workers' Autonomy and

the Historic Compromise (1975)

Toward a Critique of the Material Constitution (1977)

Domination and Sabotage: On the Marxist Method of Social Transformation 


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