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<nettime-ann> [ann] Premiere: EUROPE AN ALIEN
alextext on Thu, 27 Oct 2005 16:01:08 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> [ann] Premiere: EUROPE AN ALIEN

Theater performance:
Premiere: 03.11.2005 21:00h/ 04.-06.11.2005 21:00h
Theater Gasthuis, Bastiaansestraat 54, Amsterdam

more info: http://www.andco.de/ (webdiary)

Further Planning/ EUROPE AN ALIEN:
January 2006: Forum Freies Theater, Düsseldorf
March 2006: Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt am Main

This theater-performance is based on research done at the outer-border 
of the European Union between Greece and Turkey: the river Evros (Greek)

or Mehric (Turkish). The river-scenery around the Delta is a bird's 
paradise as well as a military zone, which contains one of the largest
mine-fields in the world: killing fields for refugees and migrants that 
try to enter the EU here. This is the reason why this year's 
no-border-camp took place here, organized by Greek and Bulgarian 
activists. The area of Thrace, divided into Greek, Turkish and Bulgarian

parts, is at the same time out- and inside of Europe, also historically,

mythologically as well as botanically: Here Orpheus was ripped in pieces

after he returned from the underworld and King Pentheus who tried to 
prohibit the cult of Dionysius. In the delta the fauna & flora of Europe

and Asia meet and most of Europe's birds during migration to the other 
half of the world. Amsterdam based artists' network andcompany&Co. drove

on land to this border: exit and re-enter EU. When they tried to 
re-enter Schengen-Land they were stopped for 18 hours because of an 
unbelievable pass-port story. Their research and their experiences are 
translated into a performance which will be shown at the theater 
gasthuis Novembre 3rd until 6th and in Germany next year.
The language is English. For more info: www.andco.de (webdiary)

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