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<nettime-ann> [ann] Raul Marroquin Portraits {AT} B32 Maastricht [u]

 Raul Marroquin at B32 in Maastricht
 November 5 - 13 2005
 Bourgognestr 32
 Opening Saturday November 5   2005
 16:00 - 19:00

 B32 Art Space in Maastricht presents an exhibition of Portraits and
 Profiles, Studies, Sketches, etc. by Raul Marroquin 1965 - 2005.

 The exhibition compiles the artist different approaches to portraits

 and portraying for the past fourty years; it includes early works:
 drawings, collages, asamblages, etc. as well as experiments with
 photography, film and video during the 1960s as well as his most
 recent works produced during the past half a decade with low
 resolution digital cameras and -more recently- mobile phones.

 Portraits and portraying have been an integral part of Marroquins

 work from the very early stages: his early studies, pencil and indian

 ink drawings, frotages, collages and assamblages (1965  1969). This

 early period also includes works such as the video portrait of Simone

 de Beauvoir (Bogota 1969) for this work the artist placed de camera in

 front of a a picture of the French philosopher for 16 consecutive

 Next to works of the 60s and 70s this exhibition compiles video
 portraits and porfiles from the 1980s and early 90s.

 Although a lot of the works are displayed as prints, video stills,
 contact sheets, etc. the exhibition also includes, three dimentional

 composites, table top displays, mobiles and small installations,
 temporal murals of snap shots and wallpaper prototypes.

 Overhead and slide projections are used for the presentation of single

 shots and secuences as well as enlargements, video screenings and
 displays of digital secuences are also part of the overal

 Early (and by now discarded) analogue interactive technology is put to

 work as part of the live events that take place during the event. Slow

 scan and analogue b/w video phones are used to generate portraits on

 remote from other locations.

 Some of the exhibits are original works but there are also graphics,

 mutiples and limited editions.

 Instant photography has played a very important role in the
 development of Marroquins work from the very early stages; the
 exhibition at B32 includes a sellection from more than 2000 pictures

 taken by the artist trough the decades.
 There is an other instant photography work that forms part of the
 exposition all the mug shots94 that are part of the book i-Zone

 Polaroid Portraits94 published by Boekie Woekie Editions in Amsterdam


 One of the main pieces in the exhibition is the series Digi Anchors a

 work in progress of the last 15 years, fictional characters developed

 by the artist for his programming in  Amsterdam cable television,
 streaming and media.
 On Saturday 29Th.  Sunday 30th. of October Don Cornetto Senior

 Digital Anchorman94 will appear for the first time as a preview of 
 exhibition in De Hoeksteen Live Television 23:00 - A2 (cable televison

 for Amsterdam metropolitan area) and De Hoeksteen Net

 As in other ocassions, Raul Marroquin utilzes the location not only as

 an exhibtion space but also as studio where works are made as Plotter

 Enlargements,94 Instant Portraits94 and with the help of the 
 old Ascci Portrait Generator94 (1982).

 R. Marroquins involvement with digital technology since the late
 1980s is very much present in this exhibition, next to low resolution

 portraits and mobile phones imagery, there are also a series of 
 interactive works specialy conceived for this ocassion:
 Remote casting
 Screen tests
 Guest and celebrity appearances,

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