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Jan van Eyck Academie on Thu, 27 Oct 2005 19:43:30 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> [call] LOGO PARC (Modified by Geert Lovink) [u]

start of a new research project
call for applicants
opening symposium

Jan van Eyck Academie &
Lectoraat Kunst en Publieke Ruimte,
Gerrit Rietveld Academy / Amsterdam University &
Premsela Dutch Design Foundation

Logo Parc

Logo Parc is a research project in design for public space. The
project=92s main focus of interest is the Zuidas  (South Axis) in
Amsterdam: a prestigious area of high-rise offices, residential and
cultural facilities on both sides of the A10 motorway.
The Zuidas is still under construction. Its train station =96 six =
from Schiphol Airport =96 will be redesigned for high-speed trains,
becoming the fifth busiest station in the Netherlands. Prominent banks,
accountancy, and law firms (ING, ABN AMRO, Ernst & Young, Nauta Dutilh)
have their head offices at the Zuidas, while new public/private
endeavours, such as a =91museum for design=92, are about to be realized.

Apartments both for sale and for rent will further reinforce the
potential of an area where nothing seems missing.

Logo Parc considers developments at the Zuidas significant of recent
cultural, social and political changes. Camiel van Winkel has already
noted 'the association of economic vitality with mobility and dynamism'
typical of the Zuidas master plan.

Logo Parc starts by asking the questions why, to what end, and how,
=91design=92 fulfils the role it currently plays in service of economic
corporate interests at the Zuidas. These interests stretch far beyond
the grey zone of the traditional office park =96 they appear and
re-appear in both public space and in private space, in street
furniture as well as in the deluxe kitchens and bathrooms the Zuidas
open-plan rental apartments are fit up with.

Logo Parc assumes that an interest in the representation of economy
could trigger the development of symbolic and critical design
strategies other than those used now, to express corporate interests
that have massively invaded and branded both public and private life at
the Zuidas.

Symbolic design strategies, because this international business centre
is an icon in the space of flows, a key factor in Dutch economy.
Critical design strategies, because the goal is not merely to further
celebrate what has already been celebrated. Logo Parc takes the liberty
to ask questions and mistrust the promises that are being made.
The design strategy of Logo Parc will therefore necessarily unite
architecture, communication design and three-dimensional design. Logo
Parc stretches from public sign systems to indoor touchscreen heating
control, from the gigantic billboards advertising superfluous office
space to the political aesthetics of VISA, MasterCard and American
Express. Logo Parc is as much around you, as it is in your wallet and
your clothes. Logo Parc could be even a (reflection on) a piece of
furniture; all in all, Logo Parc is an opportunity to rethink, on
almost every scale imaginable, the politics and aesthetics of economy.

Meanwhile, the Zuidas grows and expands. The Logo Parc research results
could, and will, give substance not only to our perception of the
Zuidas but also to the way in which =91the field=92 =96 design in a very
broad perspective =96 deals with the subject matter at hand. Logo Parc
hopes that its prototypes, its proposals and ideas will inspire
professional discourse, public debate, education, and the market.

This is the ambitious goal set by Logo Parc=92s partners: the Jan van
Eyck Academie, Lectoraat Kunst en Publieke Ruimte, Gerrit Rietveld
Academie / Amsterdam University, and Premsela Dutch Design Foundation.

Apply for the Logo Parc design team =96 a one-year research position at
the Jan van Eyck Academie in Maastricht =96 as of now. Deadline for
applications is 1 December, 2005.

Logo Parc: call for applicants
The Jan van Eyck Academie invites 3D designers, advertising
professionals/students, graphic designers, artists a
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