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<nettime-ann> [event] Stanza: Abuse of the Public Domain AT HTTP Gallery
marc on Sat, 12 Nov 2005 20:26:19 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> [event] Stanza: Abuse of the Public Domain AT HTTP Gallery.

Abuse of the Public Domain.

Private View Thursday 8th December 7-9pm
9th December 2005- 23rd January 2006

HTTP presents Abuse of the Public Domain, the first solo show of
networked media art by Stanza.

This exhibition features two large video projections, which use live
real-time data from CCTV cameras sited in two cities, London and New
York. Security tracking data is Stanza's chosen medium for these
process-led artworks.

You are my subject uses data from a single fixed camera in New York,
focusing on subjects as they pass below it. Authenticity [Trying to
imagine the world from everyone elses=92 perspective, all at once] draws
its imagery from cameras all over London. Other works can be viewed in a
web browser via the Internet and turn us all into voyeurs of eerie
'parallel realities'.

=93CCTV systems are everywhere in the public domain. Millions of hours
worth of data are recorded every day by these cameras. We are all
unwitting bit part actors, in the filming of our own lives. Usually we
cannot watch. The results are not collected for broadcast back to the
public. Rather they are monitored, filtered, distributed and archived
without our knowledge or permission. The city has millions of CCTV
cameras. One can take the sounds and images off live web streams to
offer them back to the public for new interpretations of the city. In
essence the city of London can be imagined as the biggest TV station in

About Stanza:
Stanza is a London-based artist, who specialises in net art, multimedia,
and electronic sounds. His award winning online projects have been
invited for exhibition in digital festivals around the world, and Stanza
also travels extensively to present his net art, lecturing and giving
performances of his audiovisual interactions. His works explore artistic
and technical opportunities to enable new aesthetic perspectives,
experiences and perceptions within the context of architecture, data
spaces and online environments.

Videoformes Multimedia First prize France 2005, Netsa Dreamtime 2004,
Art In Motion V.First prize USA 2004, Vidalife 6.0 first prize 2003,
Fififestival Grand Prize France 2003, New Forms Net Art Prize Canada
2003, Fluxus Online first prize Brasil 2002, SeNef Online Grand Prix
Korea 2002, Links first prize Porto 2001, Videobrasil Sao Paulo 2001
first prize, Cynet art 2000 first prize, Dresden.
Stanza: Abuse of the Public Domain AT HTTP Gallery.
For more information and images, please contact Stephanie Delcroix,
stephanie {AT} furtherfield.org or 0207 700 7859. Open Friday to Sunday

HTTP [House of Technologically Termed Praxis] is one of London's
foremost galleries dedicated to showing net art, new media and sound
art. HTTP was opened on the initiative of Furtherfield
(http://www.furtherfield.org) in the vibrant and culturally diverse
Green Lanes area of North London. HTTP works with a wide range of
artists and audiences to explore the potential of current network
technology and to promote distributed creativity. HTTP is supported by
Arts Council of England. Furtherfield is an online platform for the
creation, promotion and criticism of net art, new media and sound art.

Getting to HTTP://
Tube: Manor House
Buses: 341, 141
Train: Haringey Green Lanes.

Past Exhibitions at HTTP:
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