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<nettime-ann> [ann] Information on Globalizing_Protest
Oliver Ressler on Thu, 17 Nov 2005 15:53:14 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> [ann] Information on Globalizing_Protest

(for an Italian press release and an image please scroll down)

An exhibition by Oliver Ressler
curated by Marco Scotini

Galleria Artra, Via Settala, 6, 20124 Milan, Italy, Tel/Fax: +39 02
Opening: November 23, 2005 at 18,30
November 23, 2005 ? 23 January 23, 2006
Tuesday to Saturday 15,30-19,30

?Globalizing Protest?, the exhibition due to open on Wednesday, 23rd 
November at the Galleria Artra in Milan, marks the first personal show 
in Italy by the Viennese artist Oliver Ressler (born in 1970). Ressler?s

new project has been specifically designed for the Milan space and 
brings together his different conceptual and visual artistic strategies.

Ressler is one of the new generation of artists operating in the ?grey 
area? that exists between art and politics who develop projects on a 
variety of social themes using different media. But what particularly 
distinguishes Ressler?s work compared to others and has led to his 
international renown is the role of policy activist he assumes through 
his documentary and social inquiries, through the production of slogans 
and publicizing campaigns that serve many and various types of political

agitation and social conflict, and finally through conferences, 
publications, counter-information campaigns and exhibitions that gather 
together the results of his investigations.

In this respect, one of the fundamental aspects of Oliver Ressler?s work

is his collaboration with political activists, anti-racist groups, 
immigrant organizations, student groups and so forth. Two examples of 
the complex nature of Ressler?s work are projects such as ?European 
Corrections Corporation? on the privatization of prisons, created with 
Martin Krenn as a container installation in the centres of Graz, Linz 
and Munich, and the current project ?Boom!? with David Thorne, dealing 
with the contradictions inherent in global capitalism.

Already renowned for his participation in shows such as ?Making Things 
Public? at the ZKM in Karlsruhe, ?The Interventionists? at the MASSMOCA 
(Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art), and ?Attack!? at Vienna?s 
Kunsthalle, Ressler has been working since 2003 on one of his most 
important projects: ?Alternative Economics, Alternative Societies?, an 
itinerant and ongoing show presented so far in eighteen different 
exhibition spaces, from Madrid?s Centro Cultural Conde Duque to the 
Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center in Istanbul. The scope of the 
work is to present a variety of alternative ways of thinking, from 
Zapatist self-government to Ralf Burnicki?s ?Anarchist Consensual 

The ?Globalizing Protest? exhibition at the Artra Gallery focuses on 
different strategies and ideas that point the way towards a less 
hierarchical, self-determining society - one that can definitely not be 
a capitalist society. The term ?globalizing? also refers to the 
different sources for the exhibition material. Two photographic works 
deal with the Geneva G8 summit in 2003 and the Edinburgh G8 in 2005. The

Genoa G8 is the subject of the video ?Disobbedienti? (2002), filmed in 
Italy with Dario Azzellini, while other works have been conceived for 
no-global demonstrations of various kinds.

Videos, photographs, photographic and text montages and banners are just

some of the material that will be on show in Milan. At times they assume

the character of an appeal, of counter-propaganda, accusation, testimony

and critical reflection. One example is the photomontage ?Politics 
Thwarting the Logic of Rule?, referring to Rancière?s book ?La 
Mèsentente? (The Disagreement), which shows a perfectly mirrored, 
superimposed image of demonstrators and a line-up of police.

Information: www.ressler.at

Oliver Ressler
A cura di Marco Scotini

Galleria Artra, Via Settala, 6, 20124 Milano, Italia, Tel/Fax: +39 02 
opening 23 Novembre 2005 ore 18,30
23 novembre 2005 ? 23 gennaio 2006
aperto da Martedì a Sabato 15,30-19,30

Con la mostra ?Globalizing Protest? si inaugura mercoledì 23 novembre 
presso la Galle
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