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<nettime-ann> [pub] ephemera 5:4 "Inscribing Organized Resistance"
stevphen shukaitis on Sun, 27 Nov 2005 09:38:13 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> [pub] ephemera 5:4 "Inscribing Organized Resistance"

The new issue of 'ephemera: theory & politics in organization', entitled
'Inscribing Organized Resistance', has just been published at


Ephemera Volume 5: 4 Inscribing Organized Resistance
Stephen Dunne, Eleni Karamali, and Stevphen Shukaitis

Thoughts, antagonisms, innovations, demonstrations, elaborations,
expectations and refutations. This is all to say, field-notes, from an
array of politically engaged, non-objectifying theoretical work projects.
Behold, the current issue of ephemera! Foolish is s/he who would seek to
encapsulate a supposedly complete or somehow representative spectrum of
such concerns within this, or indeed any format. Foolish also are those
who would hope to find herein a necessary 'image of thought' (Deleuze
1995). It is its conditions of impossibility that emphasize the necessity
of a worthy task. A task guided by a certain futility then. Yet it is
precisely continuation and openness that constitutes the materially
valuable. '[T]he hypothesis understood as provocation (knowledge)'
(Tronti-Panzieri 1962), not understood through itself, but as a relation
to an other which destabilizes and recomposes and a self which is
dispersed and paradoxically reformed. To formulate without hoping to
formalize, to formulate the to-be-de-formed. Our task, attempted here
through this medium.

The concern(s) at hand are the ways in which social research (re-)
creates the distance between the researcher (as subject) and researched
(as object), in so doing silencing the voices, needs, concerns,
knowledges, and practices of the researched. Critical scholarship, by
creating fixed and stable positions, becomes complicit within the very
practices it seeks to avoid. To point this out is not to say that any
critical scholarly endeavor is not worthwhile, destined to failure from
the outset. It is to point out that 'critical' endeavors must take the
paradox of their existence seriously if the claim towards criticality is
not to be sneered at.

::Table of Contents::
Editorial / Introduction by the Issue Editors

Event Horizon The Free Association

Treasonous Minds: Capital & Universities, the ideology of the
intellectual and the desire for mutiny =96 Dave Eden, Australian National
University Introduction to Colectivo Situaciones =96 Nate Holdren and
Sebastian Touza

Further Comments on Research Militancy. Footnotes on Procedures and
(In)decisions Colectivo Situaciones, Argentina

Grassrooting the Imaginary: Acting Within the Convergence - Paul
Routledge, University of Glasglow

Sewing Stories, Knitting Knowledge and Acting Activism: Women's
Leadership, Learning and Critical Investigation Through Drama and Craft -
Darlene Clover, University of Victoria

::Notes from the General Intellect::
Beyond Solidarity and Academic Freedom: A Conversation Between Luther
Blissett and Karen Eliot

Nietzsche in the Streets - Ruud Kaulingfreks, University of Humanistics

Gift, She Said -  Valerie Fournier, University of Leicester
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