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<nettime-ann> [pub] ANNOUNCING TWO NEW BOOKS FROM 'THE NEWS DISSECTOR' (Modified by Geert Lovink) [u]

Dear Friends,

As a MediaChannel.org blogger and on-line journalist I know that work
posted on the Internet can be ephemeral, here today, gone tomorrow.
That's why I also write books that permit more reflection and
elaboration. I want to tell you about my two latest efforts that I hope
will interest you.

One, THE DEATH OF THE MEDIA is a media manifesto, the other, WHEN NEWS
LIES examines media complicity in the Iraq War (my film WMD: Weapons of
Mass Deception is included in the book). The book charges that among the
war crimes we have been reading about are media crimes that go way beyond
the transgressions and duplicity of individual reporters like Judith
Miller, who has just left the New York Times.

I am appealing to those of you who think these subjects are important to
help me get the word out by forwarding this e-mail to interested friends
and publications. The small publishing houses that publish my work are at
a competitive disadvantage in the marketplace. It takes a grass roots
campaign to alert potential readers. I have to reach out to people I've
met and know.

Please also request these titles at bookstores and libraries and tell
people and journalists who you think might be interested.

In this holiday season, we are also seeking support to continue the work
of MediaChannel.org which carries my daily News Dissector blog.
Tax-deductible donations to support MediaChannel can be made out to our
fiscal sponsor, The Global Center, and sent to 575 8th Avenue, #2200, New
York, NY, 10018, or you can donate online at:

MediaChannel is at the forefront of an emerging media and democracy
movement, I hope these books and our work can become a WMI -- Weapon of
Mass Instruction. We need media reform more than ever, but first we have
to educate the public about issues that for obvious reasons are often not
covered in our media.

You can order these books on line at:

For an additional tax-deductible gift of $50, I will sign the books as

Danny Schechter
News Dissector
Editor Mediachannel.org=A0
Danny {AT} mediachannel.org
Here's more on the books:

THE DEATH OF MEDIA: And the Fight to Save Democracy
The Publisher writes: So, how do we revitalize the Fourth Estate? In a
book that is half manifesto and half piercing investigation, Schechter
searches for an answer-exploring the promise of new media and considering
how these new outlets are fueling the efforts by average citizens to
reclaim the public airwaves. THE DEATH OF MEDIA is an inspiring guide to
what can be done now. And thanks to Schechter's passion and vast
experience, it is also something more: a brilliant and thrilling look at
a turning point in our history. 

WHEN NEWS LIES: Media Complicity and The Iraq War

The book includes the feature-length DVD of the prize-winning film WMD:
Weapons of Mass Deception and the complete script. WHEN NEWS LIES also
includes a foreword by acclaimed media writer and Vanity Fair columnist
Michael Wolff and prefaces by independent Iraq reporter Dahr Jamail and
information warfare specialist Colonel (Ret) Sam Gardiner, a war analyst
for the PBS News Hour with Jim Lehrer.

Danny Schechter will be doing media appearances and lectures about the
book and film.

For more on WMD, and to order the video: visit www.wmdthfilm.com

For earlier books and films: http://www.newsdissector.org/dissectorville

Sign up for our free emails. Support our action campaigns for better
media on Mediachannel.org: http://www.mediachannel.org/email/

To reach Danny Schechter: Danny {AT} mediachannel.org
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