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<nettime-ann> [call] ISEA2006 Workshops
hobson {AT} ucla.edu on Mon, 12 Dec 2005 20:31:50 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> [call] ISEA2006 Workshops


Please forward to interested parties:

ISEA2006 Call for Workshop Proposals

This is an invitation by the ISEA2006 Symposium and ZeroOne San Jose: A 
Global Festival of Art on the Edge to groups and individuals to submit 
proposals for part-day and full-day hands-on workshops, during 
ISEA2006/ZeroOne San Jose. August 7-8, 2006.

This Call is an invitation to artists, designers and technologists to 
propose workshops under the banner: At the Crossroads. The aim of the 
workshop program is to present new and interesting crossroads by 
intersecting technological approaches with unique settings and diverse 
communities; unveiling insights and interests; and sharing impact and 

The deadline for proposal submissions is January 31, 2006.

For full CFP, go to:  http://isea2006.sjsu.edu/workshopscall/

ISEA Workshop Committee Chair:  Carol J. Hobson/UCLA


About the ISEA2006 Symposium and ZeroOne San Jose Festival:

The Inter-Society for Electronic Arts (ISEA) is an international 
non-profit organization fostering interdisciplinary academic discourse 
and exchange among culturally diverse organizations and individuals 
working with art, science and emerging technologies. Prior host cities 
include Helsinki, Paris, Sydney, Montreal, Chicago, Manchester and 
Nagoya.  The 2006 edition of the internationally renowned ISEA 
Symposium will be held August 5-13, 2006, in San Jose, California.

ZeroOne San Jose is a milestone festival to be held biennially that 
makes accessible the work of the most innovative contemporary artists 
in the world. In 2006 it will be held in conjunction with the ISEA2006 


Apologies for duplicate and cross-postings. cjh

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