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<nettime-ann> [art] System for Multiple Compositions on a Theme
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<nettime-ann> [art] System for Multiple Compositions on a Theme


System for Multiple Compositions on a Theme

System for Multiple Compositions on a Theme is a series of videos shot 
and edited on analog equipment in 1995 for the sole purpose of 
experimenting with editing video to create audio compositions. Rather 
than the norm of composing a video, the image, into a sequence, here 
the audio was composed and the accompanying image became incidental, 

The re-presentation of the video experiments on the internet not alone 
document and expose them to a wider audience than the original analog 
cassettes but also serves as a means to progress the early video 
experiments as a website experiment.

The network provides a means to reconfigure the way the work is viewed 
by changing the artist's (sole author of the art work) relationship 
with his audience. The artist, rather than defining a narrative, 
defines a framework for the art to work within. Experimentation with 
methods of sending, retrieving and presenting information on the 
internet, such as the use of html forms and server side scripting 
allows him to this time construct a system for controlling / viewing 
the art work rather than an art work that is simply to be viewed. The 
spectacle of cinema and its audience is replaced by individual user's, 
separated and distributed across many spaces / places, each as 
co-author's / contributor's with the artist to their viewing and 
interpretation of his work.

The composition creation interface on the website, allows users to 
actively participate in the composition of the experiments and 
experience an approximation of the act of originally editing these 
experiments by the artist. It consists of a grid of nine positions, 
three across and three down, where any position on the grid can be 
occupied by any of the nine videos any number of times. This gives a 
possible 2318107019760 combinations, where...

18 + 182 + 183 + 184 + 185 + 186 + 187 + 188 = 2318107019760

Videos can be given a parameter to loop, loop back and forth 
(palindrome) or not loop. Lag, download speed on the internet, as well 
as video duration is used as a means to offset how the videos will 
sound / display within the website creating an overlap that is never 
quite the same.

Garrett {AT} asquare.org

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