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<nettime-ann> [pod] Criticast #1
Aliette Guibert on Tue, 27 Dec 2005 23:01:41 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> [pod] Criticast #1


..__   ..   __    ..    ______

English version
Here is a trip by a mostly French listening that can be a predictable
visionof aknowledge?
    [Read the English spoken version below]

Happy new Year! That 2006 brings the peace of the weapons!

All our love

1999-2000/2005-2006 5 years of united critical autonomies and emergence.
at http://www.criticalsecret.com

            PODCAST Yourself! Multimedia radio as critical art regime
                         {AT}  http://www.criticalsecret.com/n15

    To Jacques Derrida

    To Philippe Maillot

FLAME EDITO : Criticalsecret.com/n15 #15
1999-2000/ 2005-2006 5 ans d'autonomies critiques solidaires et
à suivre...

Aliette Guibert
Publisher director and concept editor of criticalsecret

André Lozano
Creator of the techno-artistic free sources of the LoGz podcast and web
designer of the issue criticalsecret/n15 as criticast.org #1,

David Christoffel
Editorial headline of the critical radio

Arthur Guibert
Concept and realizator of the thematic Video as art work and puzzle to
multimedia integration of the editorial line.

David Christoffel et Simon Guibert,
Sound editors,

Present the first editorial radiopodcast/ videopodcast, a fragmented
work in puzzle sent by a free interface in real time of the links rss.


    Multimedia radio in critical regime.

Simply tech living motor as hyperspace station of contents to trip

IMPORTANT: Downloading needs a plug-in mp3 and a plug-in m4v. You can get
special free Quick time in Apple site or wherever you prefer to go.

For questions of digit pound in the homepage the multimedia radio needs
active authorization to popups -preference in your navigator.

Here it is a LoGz: to hear an autonomous blog ( dowloadable on any php
v5 server ), but more experimental as a global review in podcast
a lot of attach fragments through random rss links in real time to Ipod.
More experimental of the poetic sound line as a random metajournalism in
mp3, but both time paradoxally in m4v by the way of an editorial video
designing a thematic vision of which fragments conceptually tribute as a
collector sign to each column whatever it can happen of the random

What follows does not concern mp3 but only m4v: compatible linking videos
multimedia articles to Ipod asks no more at all but certainly at least
downloading podcasts -same volley. It will agree the direction of the 4
columns shown in the bar menu of the homepage. We shall chain
both articles of each column ( more perpetual editos ) according to the
calendar of weekly publications and globally respecting the number of
articles by column.

Attention! Being passed their respective dates of linking the articles
will not be downloadable through rss links but recording in the summary
as a
site 2. But the unlocal circle in real time will be available again the
month and so on till the next issue (every 2 months). Then the archives
remain downloable but in the summary of contents as site 2. See editos
and the perpetual video edito m4v in the column:" 0. FLAME EDITOS ".

Enjoy and tell us of the Beta essay!


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