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Andreas Broeckmann on Mon, 2 Jan 2006 19:55:42 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> [event] [Berlin] transmediale.06 conference 'Reality Addicts' (3-5 Feb 2006)


Berlin, February 3 - 7, 2006

Akademie der Kuenste
Berlin, Hanseatenweg 10


The transmediale.06 conference runs under the title 'Reality Addicts' and
with artistic and social ideas that don't stop at the borders of
reality. 'Reality Addicts' does not approach the relationship of media
reality from the perspective of technologies that impose specific
or constructions of reality. Rather, within five panels and four lectures
conference explores ways in which these constructions can be subverted,
exaggerated or reduced to absurdity. 'Reality Addiction' is a positive,
affirmative attitude towards reality, faithful to the power of humour as
a form
of critique and social practice. Being addicted to reality means to long
ever-more for it, always contradictory to and inconsistent with what we
know. The conference offers a reality-check of the present, taken 
from artistic,
cultural and socially committed perspectives.

In cooperation with the Federal Agency for Civic Education.

Humour Politics
Fri 3 Feb 2006, 14h

For artists, humour is one of the most important strategies to deal
with social and political issues and to explore the potentials of social
change. Parody, play and the carnivalesque are forms of criticism that
artists and activists from political and social movements use in order to
the attention of the public. By means of humour they rebel against the
views of a realism whose only concern is functionality, not consequences.
unmask the media's fixation with the spectacular and protest against new
judicial and political restrictions, as well as against all attempts to
the freedom of expression. For the politically-committed arts, humour is
means of survival.

with Anne-Marie Duguet, Gerald Raunig, Sebastian Luetgert
hosted by Brian Holmes

Dominique Noguez: 'L'humour n'existe pas'
Fri 3 Feb 2006, 19h - 20h30

Dominique Noguez, French philosopher, author and essayist, is the 
most important
contemporary thinker concerned with humour as a concept and social
practice. By
pointing out the boundaries of humour Noguez discusses the multiple
nuances of
humour, its numerous forms of expression and its cultural and historical

Media Addicts I
Sat 4 Feb 2006, 12h

The panel 'Media Addicts' deals with the phenomena of a fully 
mediated world. It
discusses the technologies which permeate our existence and examines the
representation, perception and transformation of reality by media. Have
arrived in the futurological scenarios and 'science fiction' of the
1980s? And
how are the subjective, social and political structures evolving that
techno-utopians so often ignored, or painted in the rosiest of colours?
first part of 'Media Addicts' (the second part follows the next day)
places the
emphasis on the socio-political aspects of media technologies.

with Jordan Crandall, Simon Penny, Lu Jie
hosted by Matthew Fuller

Sat, 4 Feb 2006, 16h

Contemporary culture is characterised by the paradoxical 
juxtaposition of excess
and control. While the transgression of aesthetical and moral borders is
becoming as normal as the daily dose of shock and horror, we also learn
to live
with increasingly rigid mechanisms of control and exclusion. This panel
with artistic and theoretical aspects of this antagonism between extreme
freedom and control. Are there any more ethical borders or walls against
art can rebel? And how significant are the aesthetic strategies of
transgression within today's reality?

with Shu Lea Cheang, Jens Hauser, Katrien Jacobs
hosted by Sigrid Schade

Gerburg Treusch-Dieter: 'Mouthpiece-Pipe-Container. Effects and 
Defects of a Desiring Machine'
Sat 4 Feb 2006, 19h

Gerburg Treusch-Dieter has been dealing with the gender codes of
relations for many years. With a profound sense of humour and
questions she approaches the phenomena of contemporary life as well as
those of
historical mythologies, and connects and comb
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