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Marjan on Wed, 4 Jan 2006 02:14:17 +0100 (CET)

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We wish our viewers a Happy and Creative New Year

The Galería Elba Benítez shows the most recent work by Portuguese artist
Joana Vasconcelos (Paris 1971). This young artist is already
in several projects in the international art scene. Her artwork A Noiva,
2001 ?a huge lamp made out of thousands of tampons? was exhibited at the
recently held 51 st Venice Biennale.

The 1 Second Film is attempting to bring as many people together as
possible to create one-second of animation that will raise money for a
good cause. The film began as a student project to create the biggest
shortest film ever made, and has gradually formed into an international
grassroots 70mm co-production that includes a feature-length open-source
'making of' documentary.
Pixar: 20 Years of AnimationIn keeping with the Museum?s long tradition
presenting animation, this is the most extensive gallery exhibition that
MoMA has ever devoted to the genre. Featuring over 500 works of original
art on loan for the first time from Pixar Animation Studios, the show
includes paintings, concept art, sculptures, and an array of digital

(T)ERROR by Robert Praxmarer Game and Reality(t)Error - what a funny
gameWhom would you like to play to get the world back into right shape?
George W. Bush, Osama Bin Laden, or rather Tony Blair? Starting the
computer game (T)ERROR, the player is spoilt for choice. A camera tracks
the player?s movements and a projector throws the players outlines in
original size on a white wall in front of him, all in realtime. When the
player kicks, his shadow will kick.

DIVERGENCE DIFFERENT FROM ZERO Interactive installation by Mariano
SardónDivergence Different from Zero is an installation where the
of the people on two books makes the words spring from their clefts,
flowing toward the edges and remaining scattered on the floor.

Hope you will enjoy the videos.

Best wishes from,

CULTURETV http://www.culturetv.tv

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