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<nettime-ann> [pub] new issue transversal: "do you remember institutional critique?"


*do you remember institutional critique?*

The first issue of eipcp's new web journal transversal presents 
introductory texts of the three-year project transform and is devoted to

the past and present of institutional critique. Going beyond purely art 
historical perspectives, the texts examine the relationship between 
"institution" and "critique" from various viewpoints, exploring the 
transformation of institutional tactics and those of institutional 
critique in and beyond the art field today.


Boris Buden: Criticism without Crisis: Crisis without Criticism
Nina Möntmann: The Enterprise of the Art Institution in Late Capitalism
Stefan Nowotny: Anti-Canonization
Gerald Raunig: Instituent Practices
Simon Sheikh: Notes on Institutional Critique
Hito Steyerl: The Institution of Critique

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