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<nettime-ann> [ann] Proposal: A North American No Border Network
lotu5 on Sat, 28 Jan 2006 00:27:41 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> [ann] Proposal: A North American No Border Network


//please forward to interested groups/people//


Invitation to a Network: Freedom of Movement / Libertad de Movimiento

PROPOSAL: FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT A North American No Border Network

Through our work we have met some amazing sisters and brothers in
struggle in Mexico, Canada, the United States and all across the world.
We have begun to learn about each other and as a result, learn more
about other groups and struggles emanating from what we believe to be
similar and related causes.


PROPUESTA: LIBERTAD DE MOVIMIENTO Una Red Norteamericana que dice No
las Fronteras

Por medio de nuestro trabajo hemos conocido algunas / os hermanas y
hermanos en la lucha en M=E9xico, Canad=E1, los Estados Unidos y por
mundo. Hemos comenzado a aprender acerca de uno y el otro y como
resultado, aprendido mas acerca de otros grupos y luchas surgiendo de lo
que nosotros creemos ser causas similares y relacionadas.

[es sigue]

As we know, the War on Terror has escalated an already ongoing war
against immigrants and many other groups deemed undesirable or
exploitable. Meanwhile, people around the world are attempting to d=
with war, ecological crisis, and both historical and ongoing
colonization. Migration is one of the primary ways of dealing with these
horrors. Criminalized by the state, exploited by bosses, migrants are
denied freedom before they even arrive. We believe, however, that
freedom isn't something derived from any government; it is created from
below, beyond borders.  Hence, freedom of movement must be fundamental
to any movement for collective liberation.

Working with the principle that no one is illegal, our intent is to help
amplify struggles for immigrant rights and dignity and more effectively
counter the rising racism and repression in our communities in a variety
of ways. Whether people are working against militarized borders,
deportations, detentions, free trade, racism or for decolonization,=
feel that we can aid each other in our common struggle for freedom of
movement and the right to stay for all.

We are therefore proposing the creation of a no border activist network
between groups in Mexico, Canada and the U.S.   We have taken only a few
steps toward the realization of this network. This is obviously a huge
and complex endeavor, so our goal is to place enough tangible
information before you so that many aspects can be developed more
collectively and organic
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