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Deadline 25 March 2006

On Aesthetics and Politics: With and Around Jacques Ranciere
Universiteit van Amsterdam, June 20-21, 2006

The Photography, Film and Displacement group (ASCA, UvA) organises a
two-day conference in the presence of the French philosopher Jacques
Ranciere, to be held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on June 20 and 21,


This conference will focus on Ranciere's work on aesthetics and
politics such as developed in his recent publications: Malaise dans
l'esthetique (2004), (Le Destin des images (2003), and Le Partage du

sensible. Esthetique et politique (2000, The Aesthetics of Politics.

The Distribution of the Sensible, 2004). Scholars, writers and artists

are invited to present papers in which they reflect upon Ranciere's
ideas in relation to their own research and work. The contributions
will be followed by a panel discussion enabling Jacques Ranciere to
respond to these interpretations of his thought.

Jacques Ranciere (Emeritus Professor at the department of philosophy 
the University of Paris VIII) is the author of some twenty essays and
books on several subjects ranging from politics and the legacy of
Marxism to cinema and literature. Following his work in the field of
political philosophy: La Mesentente (1995, Disagreement. Politics and

Philosophy, 1998), Aux bords du politique (1990, 1998, On the Shores of

Politics, 1995), Ranciere's interest has more recently shifted towards

visual culture and the relation between politics and aesthetics; two
fields he perceives as inherently belonging to one another rather than

being autonomous. In recent years, his work on politics and aesthetics

has elicited wide-ranging responses from the field of criticism and
philosophy. Further, his reflection on the three regimes of art, the
distribution of the sensible, consensus and dissensus, and on the
ethical turn in contemporary culture have fuelled numerous reactions
and ongoing discussions in the contemporary art and intellectual scene.

The conference aims to raise such questions as: In what sense does
aesthetics imply politics? To what extent does Ranciere's conception 
the three regimes of art enable us to rethink and contextualise today's

art? How is the ethical turn translated into different artistic forms?

What is inherently democratic in the aesthetics of politics? What are
the implications of the statement that a political choice is the
consequence of a poetic choice?

We welcome papers from contributors from all disciplines including
philosophy, art history, political, literary and media studies, but
also practitioners from the art field (critics, curators and artists)
who, in one way or another, engage critically with issues of aesthetics

and politics in aspects of contemporary culture.
The language of the conference will be English.

Please send your proposal (no more than 300 words) for a 20-minute
paper and a short biography to Marie-Aude Baronian (lousbaronian {AT} uva.nl

<mailto:lousbaronian {AT} uva.nl>) and Sophie Berrebi (berrebi {AT} uva.nl
<mailto:berrebi {AT} uva.nl>).

Deadline: 25 March 2006


Dr Marie-Aude Baronian Lecturer in Philosophy and Media Studies
Department of Media Studies Turfdraagsterpad 9 1012 XT Amsterdam,
lousbaronian {AT} uva.nl <mailto:lousbaronian {AT} uva.nl> + 31 (0)20 525 72 79
	Dr Sophie Berrebi  Lecturer in the History and Theory of
Art History Institute Herengracht 286 1016 BX Amsterdam berrebi {AT} uva.nl

<mailto:berrebi {AT} uva.nl> + 31 (0)20  525 30 14
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