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<nettime-ann> [ann] [mercurio] Daemon Lab number zero
Federico Bonelli on Sun, 5 Feb 2006 00:39:55 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> [ann] [mercurio] Daemon Lab number zero



a monthly appoinment
       from Amsterdam / NL
  every first saturday
       on-line and on-site

  O p e n  L a b

  Two questions as "the ghost of our time" are wondering over Europe:
  What is useful to learn to continue thinking freely?
  Is there something as a learning community?

          ...oooOOO http://daemon.dyne.org OOOooo...
        Open Daemon Lab - an open community that learns
           our first appointment: saturday 4 feb 2006
       15:00 - 18:00 CET in Amsterdam, Keizersgracht 264
     hosted by Montevideo / Time Based Arts, free entrance

Open Daemon Lab is a monthly meeting of people involved in crafting free
digital culture. It is a meeting place for electronic creatives setting
up their own workshops and collaborative projects; it is an open lab; an
informal gathering for idea sharing. It is a place to investigate
meaning and transformation of media.

The Daemon project, as an Unix Daemon, allows communication to happen.
We feel strongly the need to have productive contact and sharing with
our fellow researchers, and to keep the process in an harmonic,
balanced, free cultural form. Our aim is to gather artists, thinkers,
engineers, hackers and inventors in a place for research and
development, where we focus on free and open source hardware and
software technologies, facilitated by expert programmers and artists of
the dyne.org network.

Our first goal is the open-studio: creating a temporary location
accessible on a periodic base, where anyone is welcome to come and
experiment & develop feasibility of media-art, exchange freely fresh
ideas and experiment with technologies.

A space for questions and answers, problem solving and development to be
shared. New topics and discussion items will be proposed freely by
participants and natural links and connections between them will favour
joint projects and cultural exchange.

:: Curated by Denis "Jaromil" Rojo and Federico Bonelli // dyne.org
:: Produced with assistance of the Netherlands Institute of Media Art

For number zero we will talk about:
	Dynebolic II preview (Jaromil)
	Michele Emmer: The Visual Mind II (Federico Bonelli)

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