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<nettime-ann> [event] Announcing Shifting Intimacies: An Interactive Ins
Keith Armstrong on Mon, 6 Feb 2006 11:53:32 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> [event] Announcing Shifting Intimacies: An Interactive Installation at the ICA London, Feb 2006


| SHIFTING INTIMACIES | is a new interactive/media artwork by KEITH 
ARMSTRONG (Transmute Collective AU), CHARLOTTE VINCENT (Vincent dance 

Theatre UK) and GUY WEBSTER (Transmute Collective) that invites the 
participant to meditate upon and witness the human body 
disintegrating and transforming whilst in motion.

| Time/Place/Details
Event: SHIFTING INTIMACIES: (Recipient of CAPTURE 4 AWARD, 2005)
Times: 16 FEB (noon) until 21 FEB (7.30pm) 2006
Contact: ICA Box Office
Phone: +44 20 7930 3647

Each participant enters a large, dark space (20m x 8m) alone. They 
see two circles of projected film imagery, one on a floating disc of 
white sand and the other on a circle of white dust. Sounds sweep up 
and down the space through surround sound, whilst participants92 
movements direct and affect the filmic image and audio experience. 
Throughout the work a layer of dust (an artificial life form) slowly 
eats away and infuses itself deep into the imagery. This immersive 
work invites differing states of meditation, exploration, stillness 
and play and moves through states of eternally shifting balance in 
ways that produces a heightened awareness of the body.

The work uses a range of technologies including interactive video 
(Very Nervous System), body heat sensors, custom built electronics, 
image databases, real time computational synthesis software (Opcode 
Max), networking software, real time audio digital signal processing 
(Max MSP) and real time show control protocols. Controllable 
actuators also move physical material through the air.

| URLs:
ICA: http://www.ica.org.uk/index.cfm?articleid3D14685
Vincent Dance Theatre: http://www.vincentdt.com/curshifting.htm
Capture4: http://www.portlandgreen.com/capture4
Keith Armstrong: http://www.embodiedmedia.com/projects/SI

Keith Armstrong and Charlotte Vincent were awarded the Capture4 ICA/
Arts Council England co-commission award to create Shifting 
Intimacies in 2005, and to be shown at the ICA London in February 2006.

Shifting Intimacies has also been generously supported during this 
project by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, 
its arts funding and advisory body, the Queensland Government through 

Arts Queensland, the Centre for Media Research (CMR) at University of 

Ulster, Site Gallery and Vincent Dance Theatre. Keith Armstrong is 
currently an Australia Council New Media Arts Fellow. Capture4 is 
managed by PortlandGreen for Arts Council England.

Dr. Keith Armstrong
Hybrid, Multimedia Artist
EmbodiedMedia, Australia
Australia Council New Media Arts Fellow

AIM Name: - embodiedmedia
Skype ID: - embodiedmedia
Email: keith {AT} embodiedmedia.com

+61 412 749 729 (Australian Mobile)


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