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noemata on Mon, 6 Feb 2006 14:55:21 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> [ann] nettime unstable digest book


nettime unstable digest, vol 1-90
archive of the Nettime unstable digest, a weekly anthology of codework
collected by Florian Cramer, Alan Sondheim & others

root {AT} digest:/# unstable
zsh: command not found: unstable

root {AT} digest:/# man unstable
No manual entry for unstable

root {AT} digest:/# apropos unstable
unstable: nothing appropriate.

root {AT} digest:/# ls unstable
ls: unstable: No such file or directory

root {AT} digest:/# which unstable
unstable not found

root {AT} digest:/# killall unstable
unstable: no process killed

root {AT} digest:/# su unstable
Unknown id: unstable

root {AT} digest:/# ifconfig unstable
unstable: error fetching interface information: Device not found

root {AT} digest:/# ping unstable
ping: unknown host unstable

root {AT} digest:/# ssh unstable
ssh: unstable: Name or service not known

root {AT} digest:/# mount unstable
mount: can't find unstable in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab

root {AT} digest:/# modprobe unstable
FATAL: Module unstable not found.

root {AT} digest:/# whois unstable
No whois server is known for this kind of object.

                                                       Alan Sondhem

Introduction and Removal


Unstable Digest: unstable - on and off again, from here and there
digest - essence or summarization, culled from numerous sources

u&d < removed >

nstable igest book

what are the sources? numerous email lists, emails, newsgroups,
the effluvia of online and offline communication.

igests. Instea, I propose to jst incligests. Instea
, I propose to jst incligests. Instea, I propose to j

what happens to the sources? they're modified or not, they're decoded or
encoded, their partially coded, they're used or not used, with
and without permission.

igests. Instea, I propose to j

are the sources open sources? they may be treated as open sources,
they may be modified or unmodified, they're something-or-other,
this-or-that, most often ASCII texts, let's say for the purposes
of this that they're texts -

, I propose to j
igests. Instea
n: man No manal entry apropos al entry apropos

what do you propose? that the texts are interesting, that they fascinate
seem relevant to writing or reading or speaking or
performing or living any number of ways, and what we propose then
is to take these texts, that we've found, or that have been sent
to us, or that we've culled, or for that matter, that we've written,
and assemble them in a single post.

root {AT} igest:/# zsh: commanroot {AT} 
igest:/# zsh: comman not fo
igest:/# zsh: comman
 not fo
 not fo

what is the name of the post? the name of the post is the Unstable
Digest, ultimately assembled by Florian Cramer, literally assembed
programmatically through a series of perl scripts which automate the
assembly process.

 Unknown i: ifconfig error fetching interface information: Device ping


what is really the content of these posts? why should they be of
to anyone? they're dealing with the real grit - the dirtiness of
code, of writing, the clay of the cuneiform - they're dealing with

 messy code and its interaction with 'surface' texts (neither code nor
are surface), they're presenting lists, grids, graphs, knots,
they're fully 'readable' in the traditional sense, they appear close to
illegible perhaps or totally unreadable, they're so simple a child could
write them, they're so difficult, no one could write them, the same with

nt: can't fin in /etc/fstab /etc/mtab

and? I live in wonder, I want to be able to say, 'this is fantastic,' to
have this response - whether or not I know the details, inner workings,
luminous contents of the works, whether or not I know the writer/creator
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