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<nettime-ann> [ann] AoIR Conference: IR7.0 - Internet Convergences
O'Riordan, Kate on Wed, 8 Feb 2006 00:50:53 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> [ann] AoIR Conference: IR7.0 - Internet Convergences


Internet Research 7.0, Brisbane 28-30 September 2006


International and Interdisciplinary Conference of the Association of
Internet Researchers

Brisbane, Australia
28-30 September 2006

Pre-Conference Workshops: 27 September 2006


The Internet works as an arena of convergence. Physically dispersed
and marginalized people (re)find themselves online for the sake of
sustaining and extending community. International and
interdisciplinary teams now collaborate in new ways. Diverse cultures
engage one another via CMC. These technologies relocate and refocus
capital, labor and immigration, and they open up new possibilities
for political, potentially democratizing, forms of discourse.
Moreover, these technologies themselves converge in multiple ways,
e.g. in Internet-enabled mobile phones, in Internet-based telephony,
and in computers themselves as "digital appliances" that conjoin
communication and multiple media forms. These technologies also
facilitate fragmentations with greater disparities between the
information-haves and have-nots, between winners and losers in the
shifting labor and capital markets, and between individuals and
communities. Additionally these technologies facilitate information
filtering that reinforces, rather than dialogically challenges,
narrow and extreme views.


Our conference theme invites papers and presentations based on
empirical research, theoretical analysis and everything in between
that explore the multiple ways the Internet acts in both converging
and fragmenting ways - physical, cultural, technological, political,
social - on local, regional, and global scales.

Without limiting possible proposals, topics of interest include:

- Theoretical and practical models of the Internet
- Internet convergence, divergence and fragmentation
- Networked flows of information, capital, labor, etc.
- Migrations and diasporas online
- Identity, community and global communication
- Regulation and control (national and global)
- Internet-based development and other economic issues
- Digital art and aesthetics
- Games and gaming on the Internet
- The Net generation
- E-Sectors, e.g. e-health, e-education, e-business

We call for papers, panel proposals, and presentations from any
discipline, methodology, and community that address the theme of
Internet Convergence. We particularly call for innovative, exciting,
and unexpected takes on and interrogations of the conference theme.
However, we always welcome submissions on any topics that address
social, cultural, political, economic, and/or aesthetic aspects of
the Internet and related Internet technologies. We are equally
interested in interdisciplinary proposals as well as proposals from
within specific disciplines.


We seek proposals for several different kinds of contributions. We
welcome proposals for traditional academic conference papers, but we
also encourage proposals for creative or aesthetic presentations that
are distinct from a traditional written 'paper'. We welcome proposals
for roundtable sessions that will focus on discussion and interaction
among conference delegates, and we also welcome organized panel
proposals that present a coherent group of papers on a single theme.

This year AoIR will also be using an alternative presentation format
in which a dozen or so participants who wish to present a very short
overview of their work to stimulate debate will gather together in a
plenary session involving short presentations (no more than 5
minutes) and extended discussion. All papers and presentations in
this session will be reviewed in the normal manner. Further
information will be available via the conference submission website.

- PAPERS (individual or multi-author) - submit abstract of 500-750 words

- SHORT PRESENTATIONS - submit abstract of 500-700 words

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