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David Lachman on Fri, 10 Feb 2006 03:46:35 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> [call] Video Cocktail


Video Cocktail 

CALL FOR ENTRY!  Contemporary Artists Center, North
Adams, MA, USA
[Deadline: March 30, 2006 (postmark); Late deadline:
June 15, 2006 (received).]

Video Cocktail is a ?survey? of contemporary single
channel video art.  Thematic programs will be created
from submitted work and shown over the course of the
summer in the CAC gallery (www.thecac.org).  Any mode
of single channel video making that reflects current
video art practice is encouraged, such as: political,
beautiful, animation, animal, urban, rural, quiet,
short, not-too-long, conceptual, dreamy, texty, funny,
serious, remix, red, mermaids, fabulous ones, stray
dogs, undefinable, etc.

David Lachman, Curator.  Video programs will be shown
June through October.

Submission Guidelines
To be considered please send:

1. Recent, completed after 1999, single channel video
art (i.e. any art you show on a single video monitor).
2. DVD-R, VHS, S-VHS or MiniDV of work, labeled with
Artist Name, email address, and phone number.  NTSC
format only.
3. A list of work submitted that includes a short
description of each piece, the completion date, the
length (note if it is a single play, loop, or either),
whether it is silent, mono, or stereo sound, and 4:3
or 16:9 aspect ratio.
4. Artist Statement, CV, and Short Bio, if available.
5. No Fee, but include a SASE if you want your media

For full consideration, post material by March 30,
Late submissions will be given some consideration if
received by June 15, 2006.

Send submissions to:
The Contemporary Artists Center
Video Cocktail Show
Attn: David Lachman
189 Beaver Street
North Adams, MA 01247

Questions?  Contact the CAC at 413.663.9555 or
hezzie {AT} thecac.org

PLEASE do not use cellulose fiber-filled shipping bags
(often referred to as "Padded Jiffy Bags") when
mailing videotapes (or DVDs)! These bags leak fibers
which get into everything and which will damage both
the videocassette and any VCR in which it is played. 
Use either cardboard cartons or the type of shipping
bags that are lined with plastic bubble-wrap.

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