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<nettime-ann> [call] CFP: Creating Autonomous Spaces
Greig de Peuter on Sat, 11 Feb 2006 11:25:52 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> [call] CFP: Creating Autonomous Spaces


Call For Papers

Affinities: A Journal of Radical Theory, Culture, and Action

Special Issue #1: "Creating Autonomous Spaces"
(See Journal Description Below)

=46rom pirate enclaves to utopian communities, from
communal republics to occupied zones, the history
of constituted power has always also been the
history of radical experiments in spaces that are
other than, alternative to, within and against.

The first issue of Affinities: A Journal of
Radical Theory, Culture, and Action is dedicated
to a critical discussion of the contemporary
manifestations, and future prospects of,
autonomous spaces around the world. We are
seeking submissions not only from those who
"study" such spaces, but also from those who are
actively engaged in their creation.

Recent years have offered us manifold examples of
autonomous spaces, including the occupation of
old factories in Argentina, the occupation of
rural land by the Brazilian Landless Workers
Movement, and spaces or caucuses created by those
marginalized within broader radical movements,
including Anarchist People of Colour and the
Zapatista Revolutionary Law for Women.

Yet everywhere these experiments are constantly
imperiled, suffering repression, recuperation, or
simply exhaustion. Furthermore, careful attention
to power relations suggests that these spaces
themselves are not islands free of oppression,
untouched by the micro-practices of domination.

Submissions may deal with some of the following areas of inquiry:

=B7      Where can we find innovative and inspiring
examples of autonomous spaces? What can we learn
from these experiments? How do we gauge their
effectiveness? Are they to be considered
outposts, enclaves, or part of a utopian exodus?

=B7      How are these experiments interacting with
radical theoretical traditions?

=B7      How are such experiments conceiving of,
and confronting the relationship between,
struggles around sexuality, race, gender, class
and ability, to name a few?

=B7      Of what importance is the relationship
between the physical (or virtual) site and the
modes of political organization enacted within

=B7      What communicative strategies are these spaces adopting?

=B7      To what degree can these spaces, and the
tactics characterizing them, be transplanted, and
at what cost?

  Format and Deadlines

Submissions are requested electronically in .doc
or .rtf format as an attachment sent to 2eob
--(at)-- qlink.queensu.ca by Friday, April 14,

Publishing Policy

The journal seeks to work across boundaries
through its commitment to challenging the
distinction between academic and activist
writing. For those who want to have their
submissions peer-reviewed, the journal maintains
an editorial board composed of university-based
researchers. For those who do not want or need
the trappings of academic publishing, we offer a
parallel stream in which decisions are made by
the publishing collective and issue editors. In
the journal itself no formal distinctions are
made between these two streams, and we are
particularly interested in articles that would be
difficult to classify as belonging solely in
either of them.

An Introduction to the Journal

Affinities: A Journal of Radical Theory, Culture, and Action

Editorial Perspective

Affinities is a web-based journal that focuses on
groups, movements, and communities that set out
to construct sustainable alternatives to the
racist, hetero-sexist, system of
liberal-capitalist nation-states. We are
interested in questions such as: What kind of
experiments are out there, beyond the state and
corporate forms? How are they working, what
obstacles are they encountering? What are people
doing to emulate their successes and avoid their
failures? How do these experiments relate to
various histories of radical struggle? How do we
build lasting culture(s) of resistance and

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