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Ari on Mon, 13 Feb 2006 13:25:11 +0100 (CET)

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Portsmouth, NH, - Artist launches the weeklyecho.com website to echo the
collective mind of America through an interactive mosaic of the hottest
interests of web surfers. 

New media artist Ari Alexenberg reveals a fascinating view of popular
culture by creating a weekly composite image of trends and patterns of
use. People internationally are turning to www.weeklyecho.com to see a
dynamic overview of world events. What began as an artwork is fast
a digital newspaper of global range.

The artist, simultaneously acting as publisher, uses images culled from
week's most popular queries to search engines and the most viewed
blogs and e-mailings to create a multifaceted portrait that mirrors our
culture. The current echo juxtaposes George Bush and a mini T-rex with
bottled water, A mummy, Nato, Hybrid suv and Anorexia - some of the top
searches of the week.

Alexenberg redefines both art and media, breaking down the barrier
them. Unlike passive viewing of a painting hanging on a museum wall,
Alexenberg's postmodern information art invites active dialogue with
who become immersed in a grid of forty images that evoke surprising
responses to unlikely visual and conceptual relationships. 

Art history professor Edward Shankin, a foremost authority on digital
and culture, called it "a very impressive site." Professor Jerome
former director Ohio State University's School of Art, summed up the
Echo in one word, "fascinating!!" 


The visitor to the website sees the whole week's news at once and can
on any of the forty trendy images and access links to breaking news and
obscure information alike. In contrast to other print and electronic
that present information in a linear form, Weekly Echo provides image
in a branching web of interrelationships. It offers new ways to look at
that are at once responsive, aesthetic, exciting, efficient, and



Ari Alexenberg
Web: www.weeklyecho.com
E-Mail: ari {AT} weeklyecho.com
Phone: 603.610.0910
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