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<nettime-ann> [event] [Malmö (SE) and Århus (DK)] Should_I_Stay_Or_Should_I_Go


ÅMX.06   Should I Stay Or Should I Go? On Secondary Cities

Malmö 18 February to 5 March 2006
Århus  23 February to 5 March 2006


The Århus-Malmö Exchange Programme 2006 is a long-term research and
project that takes place in Malmö (SE) and Århus (DK). It is initiated by
Lyngkær Pedersen, Jee-Eun Kim and Christian Schult, in association with
C-SAM center
for samtidskunst and exhibition space rum46 in Århus, and Rooseum Center
Contemporary Art in Malmö.

The programme strives to examine the specific socio-economic conditions
relevant to
?secondary cities? (as opposed to capital cities), and their affects on
production, and hence the lives of cultural producers in the two cities.

Århus and Malmö are almost the same size and they share Copenhagen as the
metropolis. However, the issues of networking and sustainability within
production differ in Århus and Malmö due to its specific size and local
This project examines existing networks and encourages additional modes
collaboration between and among the two communities. The project
addresses artists
and institutions alike, regarding the two as having equal importance as
within a community, and aims to create physical and intellectual
platforms of
exchange. The idea of sustainability is to be established by structuring
programme into a modular framework, that build upon each other,
stretching over a
period of five months.

Given the many points of convergence between Århus and Malmö, artists,
social critics and institutions are invited to reflect and discuss the
notions of
secondary cities. The project focuses on ways to investigate how a space
and its
inhabitants identifies and structures itself, and the permeability of
such identity
and networking constructions, as it responds and resists the impacts of


Challenging the conventional working definitions within art, the
programme confounds
practice with equally critical examination of the space in which such
have been displayed. It is structured around multi-platform interfaces of
that unfold along two tracks over the course of the year, in order to
provide a
structural framework that house and propel debates and their

The first module of the programme starts at the end of February with an
exchange of
existing video and performance works made by artists in the two cities.
screenings are to take place in the Microcinema at Rooseum in Malmö and
at the
auditorium at AROS in Århus. Artists are invited to give a short talk, or
represented in statements of their choice that contextualize the work
they are
contributing with.

Subsequent exhibitions open in the Critical Studies Test Site and
Microcinema at
Rooseum in Malmö and at exhibition space rum46 in Århus. Creating an
viewing platform and opportunities for the audience, the exhibitions
comprise the
works shown in the screenings, as well as additional works outside of

Regular reading group meetings start immediately after the opening of
exhibitions. They are moderated by Jee-Eun Kim and Christian Schult and
are hosted
by exhibition spaces Signal in Malmö and rum46 in Århus. The readings are
on literatures examining the various ideas of ?public? (the/a public,
public sphere,
public space), as well as notions of the urban environment as a physical
manifestation of social and political conditions. By creating a common
ground of
textual exchanges in forms of discussion and question, the initiators
seek to
encourage an exploration of strategies and principles to guide and enrich
current debate of public and public sphere, and to provide a working
vocabulary to
formulate and observe the immediate local contexts.

The second programme module consists of a larger exhibition of works,
accompanied by
talks and panel discussions with invited contributors from various
disciplines, as
well as a publication. Based on the dialogue generated through th
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