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<nettime-ann> [ann] UCDARNet Stream - Mar 3/4 [Art|Rez|Info|Exchange]


Annual System-Wide Gathering
Friday/Saturday, March 3 & 4, 2006
E|DA, Kinross North, UC Los Angeles

Faculty Program Overview: 

If you cannot join us in person, connect via live video streaming: 

===============UC Digital Arts Research Network

The UC Digital Arts Research Network (UC DARNet) is a transdisciplinary 
Multicampus Research Group of University of California faculty who 
utilize digital media for cultural and theoretical research and in 
their creative production. UC faculty established DARNet in 1997 to lay 
the foundation for a UC-wide program to facilitate collaborative 
research and teaching within a distributed digital arts and humanities 

Culture is in the midst of an increasingly rapid shift to 
computer-mediated forms of creative production, distribution and 
communication. The role of digital media is fundamental to this shift. 
Media Artists create a natural bridge across the traditional 
disciplinary divide between the humanities and the sciences.

UC DARNet, provides an opportunity for critical engagement and 
conceptual dialogue between humanists, scientists, and those in the 
media arts.

===============Free and Open to the Public

All lectures are free and take place in the EDA, room 104 Kinross, 
11000 Kinross Ave in Westwood.

Parking is $2/hour or $8 all day, and is available in the pay by space 
parking spaces in structure 32, adjacent to the building.

Info on Hotels near the event: http://ucdarnet.org/UCLAHotels.pdf

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