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<nettime-ann> [event] Counter Cartography Meeting #1
Brett Bloom on Sun, 12 Mar 2006 12:19:02 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> [event] Counter Cartography Meeting #1


Counter Cartography Meeting #1
Saturday, March 11
Noon - finish

On the occasion of a random Saturday in Chicago, it just seemed to make
sense to get a bunch of radical geographers, artists, and activists in
one room.

Part: social mixer
Part: conference parasite*
Part: show-n-tell

This event will gather a range of Chicago based activist map makers,
experimental geographers and space interveners to meet up with a
collection of
visitors producing incredibly relevant and related projects/writing for
an afternoon of show-n-tell, eating and discussion. Maybe we'll even make
a map!

Please bring the following:
-Food/drink if you live in Chicago
-Ephemera/material from your projects or those you are inspired by. We
will be presenting an archive of collected mapping projects including the
work of Bureau d'etudes (Fr). Hackitectura (Sp), Friends of William Blake
(USa), and more in a temporary exhibition for the afternoon.
-Short presentation about what you do, what questions you have for others
engaged in related work, what you want and where you are going? Make
proposals, propositions and provocations in 10minutes or less. You do not
have to present to attend, just know that it is encouraged!
-CDRs, digital slide shows, DVDs and websites can be viewed via Mess
Hall's laptop (or bring your own) and projector

Rough Schedule:
12-12:30 Food and arrange display area
12:30-2 Short Presentations (10 min. Max. per person)
2-whenever: further discussions of proposals and presentations,

*From 3/7-11 the American Association of Geographers conference will be
happening in Chicago. Many of our guests from out of town are here for
this event. Consider checking out some of the talks (just walk in for
free) at the Palmer House Hilton in the Loop.

Contact tucker.daniel {AT} gmail.com or 312-515-7364 for more information.

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