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kenjisiratori.com on Sun, 12 Mar 2006 12:43:07 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> [ann] DIE FORM - ExHuman


DIE FORM - ExHuman

"Die Form send back out a hybrid corpse mechanism era respiration-byte
with the abolition world-codemaniacs brain universe of a drug fetus."
Kenji Siratori, author of Blood Electric

. ExHuman - second part of the InHuman/ExHuman diptych -, exposes the
other face of DIE FORM where the thematic and sounds are more
directed towards abstraction, electronic and geometry. Always in
search of new experiments, the voices were the object of
hybridizations and futurist sonorities were mixed with traditional
analog sounds. Three new video-clips are also present on the DVD
included in the original edition in DinA5 hardcover book-format CD/
DVD. The booklet is composed of photograms and images staging bodies
and objects in settings with cubist accents.

ExHuman - second volet du diptyque InHuman/ExHuman -, expose l'autre
face de DIE FORM où les sons et la thématique sont davantage orientés
vers l'abstraction, l'électronique et la géométrie. Toujours à la
recherche de nouvelles expérimentations, les voix ont fait l'objet
d'hybridations et les sonorités futuristes ont été mixées avec des
sons analogiques traditionnels. Trois nouveaux vidéo-clips sont
également présents sur le DVD qui accompagne l'édition originale en
format livre-CD/DVD A5. Le livret  est composé de photogrammes et
d'images mettant en scène corps et objets dans des décors aux accents

The new studio album appears as a luxurious CD/DVD set on TRISOL/
MatrixCube :

· Strictly limited first edition in DinA5 hardcover book format (2000
· Elaborate art print in matt glaze and partial high gloss
· Extensive A5 booklet with many exclusive photos
· DVD incl. new exclusive video clips by Philippe Fichot & Eliane P.
· Four exclusive bonus tracks

TRACKLISTING CD : Morphosis, Nature Destruction, Neo Futura, Agnostic
Vision, Electroid, Fatal Insomnia 2, Pendulum, Hypnogramme, New
Erotica, Dismember, Chaos Theory, Vox ExHumana, Electroid 2
(exclusive track), Nox ExHumana (exclusive track), Fatal Insomnia
(exclusive track), Neo Futura 2 (exclusive track)
TRACKLISTING DVD : Morphosis (video-clip), Hypnogramme (video-clip),
Nature Destruction (video-clip)
FORMAT DVD : Dolby Digital, 4:3, All Regions, PAL, approx. 12'30 Minutes
CAT#/FORMAT : TRI 263 CD / CD+DVD only
EAN CODE : 4260063942631
RELEASE DATE : March, 31st 2006

Also available as standard edition on METROPOLIS Records for the USA
(Release date : April,11th 2006).

. All our METROPOLIS licensed albums are now available digitally.

. ExHuman has just been licensed and will be available in Russia on
IronD/Dark Division (standard edition CD).

. New interviews in magazines : D-SIDE (France), SONIC SEDUCER &
ORKUS (Germany).

. A new version of "Bite Of God" will appear on the Alfa-Matrix
compilation "Endzeit
Bunkertracks 2" and an exclusive track ("The Saw") on the Trisol "Saw
2" compilation.

. Prints of the ExHuman sessions and nearly all the book photos are
available in A4 and A3 sizes (high quality carbon ink prints on
archival paper) and some gelatin silver prints. Prices & shipping
options on request to baintotal {AT} wanadoo.fr as well as some rare
limited products.

. New versions of our "classic" tracks have been specially released
for the future live actions.

. The Visionary Garden 2 book + CD is still available (standard and
box-set editions) at :
ULTRA MAIL PROD / Yuen Kim Wah (ultramailprod {AT} yahoo.com.hk)


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